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robinwombat -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/2/2003 9:42:17 PM)

Dude, I have the same problem with my philips cdd4201, would you please send me this patch, cus the link is down.

Thanx already

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/3/2003 2:33:05 AM)

Read my previous Posts on this thread and the Link is not down it is just very Busy !!! [:)]

Ronald -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/3/2003 5:12:45 PM)

What about the aspi send error? I don't hear anything 'bout this particular problem[V] CU, Ronald

stefsom -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/3/2003 7:44:27 PM)

Originally posted by Laffin Assassin

Originally posted by krustnika

Yes Laffin Assassin there is 2.5 out there :) It appears there a lots of things you don’t know about the Philips CDD 4801 – word of advice – buy a new CDRW – it will cost you $50 but it will save you lots of time. Thanks for the help

So know it all why is it not an official release and why is it only to be found on someones Private Website instead of the usual Trusted Firmware Websites such as or Own CDR-INFO and the :-
Is it because it has not been tested and that is real good advice to People Who are New to the Scene to use an Untested or unofficial firmware !!! I THINK NOT !!! [:(]
And seeings though you know so much about the 2.5.1 firmware it would be nice if you could tell us what the changes are and also what are the benifits of using it are !!!! [:)]

This is a the OFFICIAL firmware for the pcrw804k (cdd4801).
I help a lot of people on
You can download the same file from

CD-Recordable/ReWritable drive CDD4801.

Base: 2.2 2,2
Current: 2.5 2,5 new baseline code


Improved Master responsabilities after SRST.

Update on ATA Identify Device and ATA Execute Device Diagnostics.

Faster DAE handling with overlapping start and end addresses.

Read TOC / ATIP command improvement.


stevebphn -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/5/2003 3:52:50 AM)

I am having trouble with my philips pcrw 804 drive. I recently installed a new hard drive on my computer and ever since I have not been able to burn a cd. The drive recognizes store bought cd/cd roms but it does not recognize cdr's. I need help and would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks[xx(]

hugopbuehring -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/6/2003 2:38:08 AM)

My 4801, running under ME, after I installed the latest Windows Bedia Player, will not recognize any data CDs. It only play music CDs in a stuttering fashion until I installed the 2.5 firmware update that I now see is untested.

The 2.5 firmware did solve the music problem - it plays fine now, but it still does not recognize data CDs, blank or otherwise, 650 or 700 megs.

Should I keep trying to download the ASPI file from your geocities link (says not available now) or might I have another problem?

Many thanks in advance.

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/9/2003 2:25:05 AM)

I suggest you use Flashget or another Download manager to get the ASPI FIX as I have said many times the file is there and I use Flashget and every time someone says that it is not there I check it and low and behold it is still there and I get it straight away !!!

gtolady -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/9/2003 2:45:29 PM)

Hello Assassin and all the rest of you unfortunate phellow phillips PCRW804 owners. I found your 12 pages of posts regarding the phillips 804 because I'm pretty sure my 804 kicked the bucket today. Maybe not though, I'm going to try the infamous zip file and see if it works. And the Assassin is right the link is Not broken or down - I too clicked on it 6 or 7 or 22 or so times to no avail (a yahoo 'this page unavailable' window opened) until I tried Right-Clicking on it instead - And it worked just like magic!!
So - if you want the Assassin's magic phile phollow the link and when you get to the spot where it says 'download the file here' ('here' is a highlighted link) try right clicking on it - then choose 'save target as' and so on...
Anyway, worked for me. Thanks Assassin if your interested I'll let you know how it works out.

Tara Hall

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/10/2003 8:10:07 PM)

Hi gtolady
Thanks for the Info on the Link !!! [:)]
If some people are still having problems trying to Download the ASPI FIX after they have tried your way I suggest they use Flashget or another Download Manager and they should have no problems !!! [:)]
Let me know how you go on with the ASPI FIX gtolady I hope it cures your prob;lem !!!

Lostboy -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/11/2003 5:15:33 AM)

I also have a Philips PCRW804. For the most part it provided great porformance(except for it overheating and making a coster a couple of times.) But recently I moved my computer to another room and when I booted up I discovered that not only was the burner not showing up in the bios, but to my surprise it couldn't find either hard drives either. I tried a bunch of combinations but the only thing that seemed to work was to disconect the drive. My next shot was to try and get it to operate in my newer better porforming computer and to my surprise it booted up like normal, i enabled the drive in the bios, and it found it. I got into windows XP profesional and it found it. I intalled Raxio Easy CD Creater 5 and was able to sucessfully burn a cd. The next day I tried putting The Sims in and it gave me some of the usual problems, Reving up, locking the OS up, not ejecting(some problem's I've encountered ever since I've had the drive). So I reboot and the bios said it failed to find it. I tried putting it in Master position rather than cable select, I tried puting it in slave. Finally I had to open the drive out to get my CD back, but it is a great burner and I don't understand why it suddenly stopped working 1 day.

aggiegrad -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/12/2003 3:17:08 AM)

Originally posted by Laffin Assassin

Hi chinaglia
I will send you the Aspi Fix if you give me your e-mail address then just follow the instructions on the .txt file !!! [:)]
I hope this helps !!!

aggiegrad -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/12/2003 3:17:59 AM)

Originally posted by Laffin Assassin

Hi chinaglia
I will send you the Aspi Fix if you give me your e-mail address then just follow the instructions on the .txt file !!! [:)]
I hope this helps !!!

Please email me the aspi Fix

Bcacb -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/13/2003 4:47:34 AM)

Hey, I've had the same problem as everyone else. I installed the Firmware update and I installed the ASPI but I can't get my CD-ROM to open. Does anyone know how I can open it?


Laffin Assassin -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/14/2003 5:22:50 AM)

Hey aggiegrad
I am no longer sending it by E-Mail I suggest you read my latest post in this thread and also read gtolady's post !!! [:)]

Bcacb -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/17/2003 2:28:11 AM)

LOL, anybody know why my CD-ROM won't eject anymore? I press the button to eject it and the light turns green and I can hear it spinning but then nothing happens.


summit_pcguy -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/17/2003 9:56:01 AM)

I am having the same problems with my pcrw-804/
R/RW 8x4x32/cdd-4801/82 drive. I have upgraded firmware but am using Standard Win98 installed driver. It has been suggested that I need a driver but I can't find it anywhere. Can someone please help?

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