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Cyrax -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/20/2003 9:11:58 PM)

hey i need the patch for the burn Philips PCRM804 could you please email it to thanks [:)]

jkibbles -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/22/2003 12:41:13 AM)

Here is one you guys may not have heard of. I have the PCRW804 drive, and it suddenly started opening and closing by itself, and when it does this, it starts to run an autoplay even tho there is no cd in the drive.

Running an Athlon 1 gig, 256MB ddr-Ram, and Windows XP Pro. Any ideas?

Alka -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/22/2003 1:46:07 AM)

Hello Everybody!
Please, I need help with my cd-r Philips CDD4801, I had try everything there is for 3 days and still is not working at all, my DVD-ROM is OK but CD-R says there is no disk in the drive and kicks the tray open. I am on Home Edition Win XP, and I used to burn CD's OK I have no clue what happened. I don't have much experience with computers. Thank You![:)]

Ronald -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/22/2003 10:50:32 PM)

Hi everyone and LaffinAssassin in general [:D],

I'm the next person facing problems with a Philips CDD 4801 = PCRW804K drive. The drive is working properly using CD/R 650/700 MB and CD/RW 650 MB disks. However, when a CD/RW 700 MB disk is put into the drive it still recognizes the disk (703 MB available), but it is not possible to format nor to burn data on it. I am running under windows XP pro and already tried to load your ASPI patch. After loading the patch and rebooting my system, it still doesn't work [V]. Could anyone help me with this problem????? Thanks in advance!


Laffin Assassin -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/23/2003 2:22:51 AM)

For those of you still needing the ASPI FIX go to Our FAQ Section and at the bottom of my post you will see a link to download it !!! [:)]
You will get it easier by using a Download manager such as FlashGet and the link does work but is is very Busy so have patience and don't keep saying that it is not there I asure you it is !!!
Just go to :-
I hope this Helps !!!

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/23/2003 2:28:57 AM)

And if you don't know where to get the FLASHGET Download manager just go :-
And you can download it from there !!! [:D]

Ronald -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/23/2003 3:17:34 PM)

Thanks LaffinAssassin[:)]

Unfortnuately, nothing is working! I'm desperately trying to update my firmware using the latest version of both flashtool (v3.1_004 via Stefsom provided by and ASPI driver (4.71). After installing of whatever ASPI driver (including the one provided by you), I am always receiving the same message: Fatal error, aspi send error. In addition, I perform the procedure as described in the readme files......I think the problem is coming from the firmware version (currently 2.0), but it appears to be impossible to update it to v2.5 Can you provide me with a solution that will solve this problem?[?]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/24/2003 1:45:01 AM)

You say you are trying to Flash your Writer with the v2.5 that is funny as I didn't know that there was a v2.5 I thought the latest version was v2.0 so where did you get the v2.5 From !!![:)]

dougseck -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/24/2003 3:28:44 AM)

I recently installed Windows XP and now I'm not able to burn a CD on my Philips PCRW804.

Thank You for any help you can give me.

Ronald -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/24/2003 1:44:53 PM)

Hi there again [:D],

Here is the latest firmware (2.5) update to download:

What about the aspi send error? Do you have a solutiuon for this particular problem? CU [;)]

krustnika -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/24/2003 5:59:27 PM)

Yes Laffin Assassin there is 2.5 out there :) It appears there a lots of things you don’t know about the Philips CDD 4801 – word of advice – buy a new CDRW – it will cost you $50 but it will save you lots of time. Thanks for the help


miketime25 -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/25/2003 8:31:45 AM)

My Philips CDRW804 is seen by the system but it won't read or write cds.

C2IT -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/25/2003 7:13:18 PM)

I am having trouble getting my Philips PCRW804 to work. It gives me the error message "Device inaccessible" but in the device manager it says it's working properly.[B)] The CD just spins and spins then it stops. Could you forward me the file you mentioned in your previous postings?
Thank you,

FanofOUFootball -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (1/29/2003 3:36:09 AM)

I am also a victim of the FirmWare/ASPI problem. Also, I have noticed that in Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum while burning CD's it shows my Selected Speed as 8x, but my Actual Speed is only 4x. Any takers on that one? Could I get that patch also so I can update the FirmWare?


Laffin Assassin -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/1/2003 2:23:54 AM)

As I have said many Times in the last few weeks it is online and you can download it from the link that I have put in Our FAQ just look for "whatisASPI" and you will find it !!! [:D]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (2/1/2003 2:52:08 AM)

Originally posted by krustnika

Yes Laffin Assassin there is 2.5 out there :) It appears there a lots of things you don’t know about the Philips CDD 4801 – word of advice – buy a new CDRW – it will cost you $50 but it will save you lots of time. Thanks for the help

So know it all why is it not an official release and why is it only to be found on someones Private Website instead of the usual Trusted Firmware Websites such as or Own CDR-INFO and the :-
Is it because it has not been tested and that is real good advice to People Who are New to the Scene to use an Untested or unofficial firmware !!! I THINK NOT !!! [:(]
And seeings though you know so much about the 2.5.1 firmware it would be nice if you could tell us what the changes are and also what are the benifits of using it are !!!! [:)]

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