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Ebdug -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (5/13/2003 5:44:40 AM)

I found and downloaded the aspi fix but it didn't take for my puter. Runnin '98 on a dell optiplex gxa. It installed the files but when I try to flash or run aspi check it say no adapter installed. I can see the drive letter and read cds but it acts unpredictably when swapping cds and it won't even see a blank cd in the drive.

AG23 -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (5/14/2003 6:45:20 PM)

Having the same problem as everyone. Could you please send me the aspi fix when you have time. Thanks in advance!

xico -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (5/14/2003 8:02:55 PM)

Sorry for being another time here, but I've no reply of My first post. If anyone can send me the "magic file" I'll be pleased[^].
Best regards.

AG23 -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (5/14/2003 8:22:15 PM)

I guess I should have said who I was talking too.
Laffin Assassin could you send me a copy of your magic file.
(Newbie) Thanks again!

Wmierke -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (5/20/2003 2:49:19 AM)

Can you please sned me the 249kb file?

Thank you,
Wayne Mierke

MP3Mogul -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (5/20/2003 1:42:07 PM)

You can download the aspi fix here:

shobhanan -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (5/27/2003 6:16:23 PM)

My PCRW804K17 stopped even reading CD's from yesterday onwards. The green 'disc read' light (not the 'disc write' light) became orange and the drive made a 'whir' noise and the computer freezed. Now when I reboot the drive is getting listed in the IDE drive listing at the begining as follows

Primary Master HDD 12 GB
Primary Slave HDD 120 GB
Secondary Master Thoshiba DVD ROM drive
Secondary Slave PCRW804K17 2,1

In the windows explorer I can see it as drive E: I can open the drive bay and put cd and close. Now the 'disc read' green light (no more orange light!) blinks for a few seconds and message box appears on the screen saying 'either disc is corrupt or the media format is not supported'. This is the case for all the CDs (CD-R, CD-RW, (any size) Audio CD)

Even in the device manager the drive is listed and it is 'working properly' !!

The computer now gets frozen very frequently. (Finaly I disabled the drive from device manager)

It was working fine on XP professional till yesterday. Nothing was changed on the machine (both hardware or software)

What am I looking at? Cleaning drive? Firmware upgrade? (from the IDE device listing am I using firmware 2.1 ? ), Or a new Hardware? Where can I get new firmware if required?


sp -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (5/28/2003 2:24:52 PM)

Typical symptoms of a died drive. How old was it? How many discs burned?
Just to be sure, before the final verdict, try using it on another machine...

shobhanan -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (5/29/2003 12:05:15 AM)

The drive was 2 years old. I do not burn much CDs may be a maximum of 100 CDs. Called Philips support they are asking US$19.95 even to listen to my problem. What a support!! This is my second bad experience with Philips (The first one was a faulty VCR which they requested to send to their repair center in my cost even though it was under waranty!!) I will have a second thought before buying another Philips product.

sp -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (5/29/2003 10:59:04 AM)

According to my experience, it is not the manufacturer of the drive per se the only reason of concern when buying a new piece of hardware. But the distribution channel as well, and the accosiated terms and conditions of the transaction.

shobhanan -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (5/29/2003 5:41:20 PM)

I guess you are right. Anyway I placed an order for a new Verbatim CDRW drive through After the rebates it is just US$14.99. Hope it will last for another 2 years!![:)]

Thanks for the response.

Originally posted by sp

According to my experience, it is not the manufacturer of the drive per se the only reason of concern when buying a new piece of hardware. But the distribution channel as well, and the accosiated terms and conditions of the transaction.

woelfert -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (6/2/2003 9:19:24 PM)

Hi Everyone,

I have a HP Pavillion a768, which came with a PHILIPS CDD4801 CD-RW. My problem is that I cannot burn 700Mb 4x-12x RW-Discs. As the CDD4801 is a 8x4x32x drive, I should be able to use this disks, shouldn't I? This subject brought me to these forums on After researching in several topics, I took the following actions:

- upgraded the firmware from 2.0 to 2.5
- upgraded the ASPI to 4.7.2

At first drive did not recognize the disks at all.
I tried using Nero 5.5, Easy Creator and RecordNow.
After the upgrades, it recognizes the disk but I'm still not able to burn them. Both in Nero and Easy Creator, I got strange error messages, and in RecordNow, it returned that the disks where not compatible with my CD-RW drive.

Please help!!!!

I've already lost several nights of sleep and could not come up with a solution.

P.S.: Before installing ASPI 4.7.2, I used the ASPIFIX from Laffin Assassin and it did not seem to work either.
P.S.2: My OS is Windows 2000 Server

ko_kidd_2k1 -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (6/4/2003 1:03:04 PM)

(not actually a reply--first time on boards, unless I forgot my last ID)

LA said this before:

"Hi Albaterra
I have replied to your e-mail but as for there being any other flash utilities for your drive I do not know of any but what I would suggest is for you to download the firmware from a different source to the one you are failing to flash and see if that cures the problem ! Also make sure that the DMA is disabled and no Anti-Virus software is running when you are flashing as these sometimes cause problems when flashing !!
I hope this Helps !!!"

(in response to the ASPI READ ERROR comments, in another post)

This may work, but I'm not sure how you disable DMA, I haven't looked at all of hardware settings yet, but how do you do this?

webster -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (6/6/2003 4:41:27 AM)

I have a similar problem with my Philips PCRW804, but I haven't seen
the exact problem mentioned on this forum. I'm running Windows 98, have about 3 GB free space on a 13.5 GB hard drive. The burner used to burn audio CDs without any problems, then it suddenly started stopping after burning the 3rd song. Of interest is the fact that my
kids can burn still burn entire CDs off Kazaa without any problems.

Any ideas?

ko_kidd_2k1 -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (6/7/2003 6:01:19 AM)

BTW, I took apart my computer--about the 40th time since I've had it...

It's a Philips CDD4401/71 model--which is strange, since all these websites I've seen say that this model would be an 8x4x24, but mine is a 4x4x24--and a friend of mine has a similar computer that has (what appears to be) the same drive.

I get ASPI Error even if I turn off all my software but nothing works.

I tried SP16704 (I have a compaq presario 5838) but that seems to have NO effect. I updated the ASPI settings so that the "aspichk" program says all my software is installed (or something along those lines).

I'm guessing my drive is very close to being dead.

I got the red-indicator earlier, and had to restart the computer; I've had to restart a bunch of times because the drive won't even read regular cd's--such as my games or my encyclopedia. It will eventually unfreeze in XP, but I still won't be able to get my CD's out (which is why I have to restart)--and right now I have one stuck in there.

dldab -> RE: Philips PCRW804 (6/9/2003 6:55:22 AM)

I am also having problems with my PCRW804 CDRW. I can burn fine, but everytime I try to read from my drive, it shows up in explorer as an audio CD. I am using Win98 SE.

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