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Monday, October 27, 2003
LiteOn LDW-401S DVD+R/+RW

4. DVD Reading Tests

LiteOn DVD+RW LDW401S - Page 4

DVD reading tests

In the DVD reading tests we compare the LiteOn LDW-401S with another DVD+RW writer, the Ricoh MP5240A.

- Single Layer DVD-ROM (Click for CDSpeed results)

The differences between the drives was expected, since the LiteOn offers 12x CAV reading while the Ricoh drive is slower with 8x CAV. The LiteOn drive read the single layer DVD-ROM fast and the reported average speed was 9.21x. The end speed for the drive reached the 12.32x.

The seek times of LiteOn LDW-401S are lower than Ricoh MP5240A as far as it concerns the random mode, 89ms to 112ms. At the 1/3 mode the LiteOn was again faster with 97ms over the 125ms of Ricoh. The results were proportional at the Full seek time mode where LiteOn was faster with 178ms.

- Dual Layer PTP DVD-ROM (Click for CDSpeed results)

The dual layer DVD-ROM was read under CAV mode by LiteOn approaching the same speed on both layers (8x). The average reading speed, reported by NeroCdSpeed, was 6.31x. The drive is slightly faster than Ricoh MP5240A.

The seek times reported were higher than those with the single layer DVD-ROM. However, this is normal and was noticed with all the DVD readers. LiteOn LDW-401S needed 94msec for the random seek and 236msec for full seeking:

- Dual Layer OTP DVD-ROM

The first layer of an OTP dual layer DVD-ROM is read exactly the same way as the PTP disc we tested previously. The difference here is the reading strategy of the second layer of the disc. The beginning of the second layer is located in the outer part of the disc, so the drive starts reading from the outer tracks toward the inner part of the disc.The performance is not different than in the previous test, with the drive to give a 6.27x average reading speed.

The seek times of LiteOn with the dual layer OTP DVD-ROM are low with reported full seek time at only 164ms.

- DVD Ripping Tests

We measured the DVD Ripping speed using the "Matrix" DVD Video title (4.7GB) and the latest version of the DVD Decrypter software.

LiteOn manage to reach the maximum speed of 11.264KB/s on the DVD ripping test and needed 9:45min to finish the task. The average reported speed was 9.264KB/s (6.86x).

- DVD Recordable/Rewritable

The chart below shows the Nero CDSpeed reading tests with the following media:

As we can see from the graph above LiteOn LDW-401S gave back approximately the same average reading speed for the DVD-R and DVD-RW media. With the other two formats, DVD+R and DVD+RW, the average speed is exactly the same at 4.63x. The drive reached the maximum speed of 6.85x with the "dash" and the maximum 6.17~6.25x "plus" discs. All discs were read under CAV mode.

The Ricoh drive was faster in all reading tests but we have to consider that it supports the 8x CAV reading speed.

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