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Appeared on: Thursday, September 01, 2011
LG at IFA 2011

At this year's IFA tradeshow in Berlin, LG Electronics is showcasing a full 3D ecosystem of CINEMA 3D TVs, projectors, monitors, home theater systems, notebooks and smartphones, as well as its Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) 3D panel technology.

LG?s booth this year opens with the 3D Attractor Zone and "DO IT All IN 3D" display. Using a single pair of glasses across LG full product range, visitors will get their first introduction to LG's CINEMA 3D range on an array of 3D TVs, monitors and more.

LG is also highlighting its Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) 3D panel technology.

"We are confident that FPR 3D technology will rapidly expand the global 3D market by attracting European consumers and retailers with its practical values, thereby becoming the mainstream technology for the 3D market," said President and CEO of LG Display Mr. Young Soo Kwon. "Building on the global success of LG Display's FPR technology, we aim to capture 50 percent of 3D TV market in Europe by the end of this year"

FPR 3D technology has increased its global market presence since FPR 3D TVs were introduced in December 2010. FPR now accounts for almost 60 percent of 3D TV sales in China and, as of the first week of August, has quickly secured 28 percent in the U.S. according to All View Consulting and NPD Weekly, respectively.

LG claims that the FPR 3D technology offers clear health benefits over Shutter Glass (SG) 3D technology such as eliminating the main causes of headaches and dizziness - flicker and crosstalk - while offering a full HD viewing environment with higher brightness and a higher refresh rate than SG 3D.

The FPR 3D glasses are significantly lighter than SG 3D glasses which require batteries. The curved lenses of FPR glasses also prevent image distortion around the lens' edge by concentrating light at a single focal point. At around 5 euro a pair, FPR's glasses are far less expensive than SG's which retail for approximately 100 euro.

Another strong selling point for retailers is that FPR glasses are compatible with 3D-enabled TVs, monitors and notebooks from a range of manufacturers, including LG Electronics, Philips, Toshiba and Vizio.

LG's premium TVs, with the wide range of CINEMA 3D TV line-up, boast all the advantages of LG's CINEMA 3D technology - lightweight glasses and Flicker-Free certified 3D technology. And 2D to 3D conversion feature means viewers can watch all their favourite shows and movies in quality 3D.

The LW980S is the top-of-the-range LED LCD TV that packs LG's CINEMA 3D technology and Smart TV functions, and delivers them through the clear picture of LG's NANO FULL LED.

The LW980S boasts CINEMA 3D's smooth 3D picture as well as a wide viewing angle. Via the Magic Motion Remote Control, LW980S users get access to all the Premium Content they could want with just a couple of clicks on the mouse-like control. Moreover, Smart Share makes it a cinch to share content between the user's TV, mobile phone and other digital devices.

TruMotion 400Hz ensures that pictures stay silky smooth, no matter how fast the action.

The LW980S also boasts an ultra-slim bezel that maximises display real estate.

Also in LG's LCD TV line-up at IFA this year is the 72-inch LZ9900 FULL LED 3D TV. The LZ9900 packs all the smarter 3D enjoyment of LG's CINEMA 3D and Smart TV technology.

And the LW650S comes with all the advantages of LG?s CINEMA 3D Smart TV technology, along with picture technologies such as Micro Pixel Control and TruMotion 200Hz.

Finally, the LW570S delivers the benefits of CINEMA 3D and Smart TV in an energy-efficient package. LED Energy Saving brings significant reductions in energy compared with conventional LCD TVs, and at the flick of a switch, Smart Energy Saving Plus automatically adjusts the TVs settings to ensure it uses the minimum power necessary.

LG will also demonstrate in the Do It All In 3D zone how far it has developed the 3D ecosystem. Using the Optimus 3D smartphone, users can actually create their own 3D content and then watch it on the go or flick it over to a computer or LG TV to see it in gripping wide-screen mode. Nearby, LG's CINEMA 3D projector, the world's first polarized glasses type projector to transmit Full HD pictures through a single lens, provides a 3D picture with a diagonal span that stretches to 200 inches or the full cinematic 3D experience. The CF3D Full HD model combines 1,250 ANSI-lumens of brightness (2,500 ANSI-lumens in 2D), a 7,000:1 contrast ratio and TruMotion 120Hz.

The HX906TX, a new 3D Sound Home Entertainment System that employs technologies including four Upright 3D Speakers and a 360-degree sound reflector to fill up all the space in the room with audio.

In a special gaming section, LG will be demonstrating how its 3D TVs and monitors. With its Dual Play function, CINEMA 3D TV actually projects two different scenes via the 3D glasses, making it a great platform for two-player games.

The Smart TV zone will be showcasing an array of LG's Smart TV functions. The Magic Motion Remote Control offers an easy, mouse-like means to access all the TV's content with just a few clicks, while the Home Dashboard provides an easy gateway to Premium Content, LG Apps, Web Browser and more. With Smart Share, viewers can also share and access any content with compatible digital devices such as PCs.

The PZ850 Pentouch TV demonstrates how LG is thinking outside the box in its efforts to make home entertainment even more exciting and relevant. An innovative set combining a touchscreen with all the benefits of a first-class plasma TV, the PZ850 lets users draw directly onto the screen using a special touch pen. With its simple connectivity, the PZ850 also lets users access files such as documents and presentations from their PC and edit or drag and drop them right on the TV screen.

Three LG PenTouch models, two 60-inch (59.8 inches diagonal) class and one 50-inch class (49.9 inches diagonal) plasma HDTVs are available in the U.S. The 60-inch class 60PZ850 is 3D capable, earning the coveted THX 3D and 2D Display Certification. It has a suggested retail price of $2,199. The 60-inch class 60PV490 and the 50-inch class 50PV490 both offer Full HD 1080p display capability and exclusive LG technologies, including Picture Wizard self-calibration, Intelligent Sensor automatic picture adjustment and Smart Energy Saving features. The 60PV490 and 50PV490 have suggested retail prices of $1,699 and $1,099, respectively.

Elsewhere, LG will be presenting its ST600 Smart TV Upgrader, which lets users turn their regular digital TVs into Smart TVs - with the full range of LG Smart TV functions - via a simple HDMI connection.

LG is also building on its new SUPER LED line-up with the E91, E81, IPS5, E41 and E11 monitors. With a thickness of just 7.2mm, the E91's SUPER Slim design complements any home or office environment while offering improved space efficiency and more flexibility. The E81 model is also featuring SUPER+ Resolution for life-like pictures.

The IPS5's IPS panels widen the monitor's viewing angle and deliver realistic colors from any position. The E41 uses Dynamic Power Saving technology to achieve a 25 percent reduction in energy consumption over conventional LED monitors without sacrificing picture quality. And the entry-level E11 boasts an ergonomic design and improved energy efficiency.

LG's technology also shines through with the D2000, a parallax barrier type glasses-free 3D monitor to feature eye tracking technology.

And finally, LG is showing the LSM-100 mouse scanner. Replacing the slow, oversized scanners of today's home offices, the LSM-100 can scan documents as large as A3 size, making scanning simpler than ever before. With a few passes of the mouse, a large document can easily be converted into a Word file with the included OCR software.

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