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MP3Mogul -> RE: New motherboard suggestions (6/27/2004 7:04:36 PM)

Yes I have used both Asus, and Intel, currently using both, and they are very good solid boards, with good chipsets on both. As cheap as the P4 chips have fallen, why not opt for a new P4?

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: New motherboard suggestions (6/27/2004 8:53:54 PM)

My friend who works for a fairly large computer store says that he swears by Asus motherboards. If not by the high sales volume and great performance, then at least by the oddly low RMA rate.

Personally, all I can suggest is staying away from the NVidia motherboard chipset... nothing but trouble for me! I spent several days trying to figure out why Windows 2k was BSOD'ing on me, and it turns out that the NVidia chipset Motherboards need DirectX 9 in order to work after you install their drivers... nice of them to not put any kind of mention about this on the motherboard docs anywhere, or even include DirectX 9 on the motherboard install disc!!

But actually, once I got it working the performance was great.... just kinda left a sour taste in my mouth [&:]

Leviathan -> RE: New motherboard suggestions (6/28/2004 7:00:45 AM)

I have an MSI board (delta LSR) and i'm very satisfied with it's performance.

If you want to get an MSI board with a built in VGA card, check this one.

848P Neo-V

The price of this board doesn't exceed the 100 euro.

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Leviathan -> RE: New motherboard suggestions (6/29/2004 5:38:26 AM)

What do you mean minos?

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Matthew -> RE: New motherboard suggestions (7/1/2004 11:15:17 AM)

Even for a really basic machine (unless specifically looking for a really quick'n'easy build), I'd be reluctant to go with onboard graphics ... the same memory bus, for the CPU, for DMA, for the memory access for screen refresh, and for any accelerator functions in the graphics.

The Celeron (assuming the latest share the same characteristics) has a reduced cache, so it's more likely to notice the missing memory bandwith ... these days, losing 64Mb of system ram to graphics doesn't hurt, but losing all, the memory accesses that the CPU doesn't get, really hurts.

The "Unified Memory Architecture" is as EVIL as it ever was, and the fact that these days, the graphics processor unit is expected to do more than just display what the CPU gives it, makes it even worse.

Of course, if it DOES have an AGP slot, you do have the option of upgrading the graphics if the use of the system changes - AGP slot-less onboards are truly an abomination - and system builders like DELL use them!

olsndk -> RE: New motherboard suggestions (8/20/2004 7:18:15 PM)

Hi all, I have a small problem and was hoping some feed back.. I recently got a new motherboard. a P4MDPT. since I got this board I seem to lose the info on my drives. it is as if the bios is completely wiped out, I can reformat and maybe a week or two later I am wiped out again.. ANY IDEAS??????

Matthew -> RE: New motherboard suggestions (8/27/2004 6:56:23 PM)

Do you mean reformat the hard drives, or just reset the BIOS?

If it's BIOS, then I'd say it's been on the shelf too long, and the clock battery needs replacing.

olsndk -> RE: New motherboard suggestions (8/27/2004 7:03:52 PM)

Yes I have to reformat the drives. something changes on the drives and the board can't see the os.

Matthew -> RE: New motherboard suggestions (8/28/2004 6:53:39 PM)

So you don't touch the BIOS, and need to reformat the drives - now that's worrying.

A virus, perhaps - I'd also be inclined to replace the IDE data cable, in case that is damaged.

No evidence of progressive deterioration, not damaged files before it goes?

A run of the makers test utility for the drives, next time it goes, in full "destructive" mode may be adviseable.

More than one drive, and they BOTH lose it? - there is something very, VERY bad going on if that's the case - one drive throwing a wobbly, is understandable, but two?

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