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Monday, May 10, 2010
Description: It has been a while since APH Networks' last foray into the Mini-ITX world, with the most recent review dating back to August of last year already. The Lian-Li PC-Q07 was a simple yet elegant chassis that proved very popular among our readers. Of course, with the current technology trend, it would just be stupid (Frankly speaking haha) if we simply ignored this category of products, as there is such a huge demand for low cost, small form factor solutions in today's ultra competitive market. Be it for light office tasks, home theater setups, low power servers, or even as a personal internet/network router (Seriously, some geek by the name of Zachary Hopkins, who happen to be on the staff team, recently built a dual core router at home with more RAM than the average computer a few years back...), the mITX form factor has become a staple in more homes and businesses than ever before. With increasing amounts of people turning toward this form factor for new and innovative uses of computing hardware, it probably isn't surprising that an influx of associated components began to saturate the market. These accessories are no longer made for very small niches -- even the casual enthusiast looking for a system for any of the listed reasons above and beyond probably have their wallets ready for such a build already. With all this said, it is only appropriate for us to take further steps into examining more Mini-ITX products. While our previously reviewed Lian-Li mITX chassis is designed to accommodate a standard sized ATX power supply, what we have today is a relatively compact chassis from Thermaltake, a renowned company for having an extensive lineup of excellent cases, power supplies, heatsinks, and more. The Thermaltake Element Q is part of Thermaltake's Element series of cases; which consists of the Element S, Element T, Element V, as well as the Element G, which we also reviewed last year. Without further delay, let's take a closer look at the Thermaltake Element Q, and see just how well it stacks up in today's market for Mini-ITX dominance!
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