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lord hankey -> new computor (1/10/2005 11:08:18 PM)

i want some advice for a new computor.

i only really need: a processor, Ram, motherboard, and Box, powersupply

i think about a AMD 64, but what exactly is best for gaming, but with a reasonable price? what speed for the processor is good?

i have already a readon 9800Pro for vid card.

and did a floppy disque is REALLY needed today?

SiliconFreak -> RE: new computor (1/11/2005 9:17:06 AM)

Hi Lord [;)]

New computer issue again huh...[:)] all depends on how much You are willing to spend for it...only Your budget is the limit I gues...[;)]

So...AMD64 is great for You cant miss with this one...although I still stick with Intel which is better at applications...but...if You need more gaming power...then go for AMD64... Also some 1Gb of Ram will do its job for some Year or two at least...(but dont go under 512Mb here - in case You cant afford 1Gb)... Cpu should be somewhere arround 3Ghz....or in AMD terminology somewhere around 3000+ model... The case should be big enough with enough free space so that air could circulate well and cool down components efficiently...I guess there are many good ones on the market You cant miss here...also its better that the case has 120mm fans(at least 2 or 3 of them if possible - as long as You arent into water cooling)...and for powersupply...anything over 500W should do its job...[8D][:)]

Anything else Mr.Hankey? [:)][;)]

lord hankey -> RE: new computor (1/11/2005 3:50:17 PM)

yes did floppy disk is REALLY needed. not because i want save money(around 20CAN$) but save "space" and less wire

SiliconFreak -> RE: new computor (1/11/2005 4:45:44 PM)

Oh....I completely forgot the answer will be...No!...the floppy isnt needed really...because almost all software sold nowadays is on CDs...but its good to have one in case You have some older floppies still case You get some new component and it happens that its drivers are on floppy instead of CD...[:)][;)]...but then again....even if that happens...You still may download the same drivers from Internet...[;)]


tqhoang -> RE: new computor (1/12/2005 1:49:12 AM)

I recommend the ASUS A8V Deluxe...believe if you order from NewEgg or ZipZoomFly that you get the free wireless access point too. Reason for that motherboard is that it is one of the newer chipsets that supports the new 939-pin Athlon64...and it still supports AGP and PCI, instead of PCI-express only.

Also buy the floppy. When you need to load Windows (assuming that you are) you need to press F6 and insert the floppy with drivers for the Serial-ATA and RAID controllers. I built a machine for my friend and I had to temporarily take the floppy from one of my machines just to install Windows on his box...

Don't forget to run Memtest86 or Memtest86+ to help burn in the memory & chipset. You can make an ISO CD but the floppy version is probably the easiest.

For RAM, there are many good brands like Corsair XMS, Kingston Hyper-Z, Crucial, etc. Just make sure you at least get the PC3200...higher if you want to overclock stuff.

lord hankey -> RE: new computor (1/14/2005 6:25:00 PM)

i take this board finnaly, and yes it look good

i get 420W powersupply, 1GIG ddr400 RAM, and AMD64 3500+ chips

but DAMN why they dont do any motherboard with PCI express AND AGP..... it is AGP or PCI Ex only.... so stupide are the corporation.

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