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emperor -> Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/10/2005 9:15:26 AM)

Its not released to the public, here it is, no change log...

If you see any performance improvements, let us know[;)]

sverkalo -> RE: Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/10/2005 3:16:41 PM)

Well it does see my Arita's 8x as 8x on nero cd/dvd speed.
It starts as 6x and ends at 8.02 with an average speed of 7.90.
Previously was starting at 6x and ending at... 6x! [;)]

Thanks for posting it.

emperor -> RE: Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/10/2005 4:55:22 PM)

Thanks for the info, let us know of any further performance improvements[8D]

Sen028 -> RE: Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/10/2005 6:34:47 PM)

Flashed & extracted, the -/+R speed are still the same. Philips C16 still stucked at 4x

Thanks for the f/w [:D]

andreapappy -> RE: Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/11/2005 4:39:25 AM)

Now it's official at japanese LG site

New firmware (ver. A102) for only GSA-4163B(Internal 16X Super multi DVD Writer)

Improvement Point:
- Improvement of write strategy for MKM DVD+RW 8X [&:][&:]

Download it here

emperor -> RE: Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/11/2005 10:11:57 AM)

Yes as it seems its out official...[;)][:)]

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/14/2005 7:38:26 PM)

Still no support for Optodisc 16x DVD-Rs that they promised.... but at least it burns Optodisc 16x DVD+Rs well at 16x (in only 5:34!!)

Edit: It burns Optodisc 8x DVD-Rs *VERY* well too [:D]

mnadeem -> RE: Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/15/2005 8:41:08 AM)

I have updated , but found no diffrence between A101 and A102 , only region RPC-1 updates . [8|]

emperor -> RE: Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/16/2005 1:21:08 PM)

Hmm we don't have either 8X -R or 16X -R Optodisc media, let me try to get some -> RE: Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/27/2005 11:20:06 PM)

I just bought this drive and it wouldn't recognize the first disks I tried. (BenQ 8x DVD-R).
Other media seems OK so far.
upgrading the firmware to A102 didn't help any.

Any other media incompatibilities I should be aware of?

decx -> RE: Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/28/2005 10:15:01 AM)

Strange, the 8X DVD-R is the SONY08D1 media, and is generally pretty decent quality wise. There have been some issues with some users burning them with their LG (4120, 4040, 4160) at below the certified speed (media not recognized properly), but 4163 users have reported they burn fine.

So it didn't write at all? Also is it only the first disk that didn't burn? If it's more than the first two, try to take it back (you bought it at FS right?) and exchange it for the 8X DVD+R (DAXON AZ2), they're the same price plus they burn well on the 4163.

mnadeem -> RE: Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/29/2005 9:44:25 AM)

The first dvd from PLATINUM DVD+R * 4.7 GB with speed 8x ,, with Nero does not works [:o], but same media with ,, CloneCd,, DivxToDVD ,, CopyToDVD ,,,and also with
Alcohal 120 works fine . [8|]
What is the best media for this recoder ,, and what is the mostly best recoding speed for media ,
I have done all of them in Auto mode ,, now will try same media in nero half of speed see what happend , till next question [:D]

decx -> RE: Firmware A102 for LG GSA-4163B (1/29/2005 3:11:22 PM)

I personally am using BenQ 8x DVD+R (got a bunch of them real cheap at less than 0.30 CDN). They're by no means the best but they're certainly decent. They'll burn fine at 8x on the 4163 but other burners like the BenQ will overspeed them to 16x.

Btw I've run into an odd issue, all the DVDs I burned at 8x has a PI (and sometimes PIF) spike at the exact same spot. It's an issue seen on some other 4163 drives as reported in CDFreaks. I almost certainly not a media issue a person has tried with different media including MCC with the same result. I just got an exchange for a new 4163 to see if it happens on the second drive. If it does I'm just going to return the 4163 and get a NEC 3520 or something else.

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