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vdeknock -> InCD and new burner (1/5/2005 6:54:18 AM)

I am running the latest version of InCD which I received with my new 108A DVD burner. The drive wont regonise CD-RW discs, I purchased a DVD+RW disc which I can erase and format in InCD but it wont then allow me to use it as a InCD disc. I have reloaded the software. I added back mu old CD burner and this also wont allow CD-RW disc to be formated.
Using Nero I get the same problem where CD-RW disc can not be erased.

If I use CloneCD I can clean a CD-RW and then use nero to write to the disc as thought it was a CD-R.

I have reloaded the ASPI drives which were missing from Nero

I am at a lost, might have to go back to the version that cam with my CD drive atleast it worked!

Looking for any help, I have email nero but no response so far.

Thanks for any advice

Iggy -> RE: InCD and new burner (1/5/2005 7:42:41 AM)

There a representative of Nero here, I hope he reply soon.[:)]

If you unistall InCD, can you erase the CD-RW?

Personaly I avoid packet writing since always creates similar problems.

vdeknock -> RE: InCD and new burner (1/5/2005 7:49:45 PM)

Will give it a go to see if this allow Nero to regonise CD-RW disc.

vdeknock -> RE: InCD and new burner (1/7/2005 6:42:43 AM)

Problem fixed by updating the ASPI driver!

Downloaded from a link contained on cdrinfo under the software area

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