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festerperrin -> Rimage 2000i (1/4/2005 5:54:04 AM)

Hi all,

I hope this is the correct forum for this post - apologies if not.

I am after a little consumer feedback on the Rimage 2000i CD/DVD duplicator. We are looking to replace our existing hardware as we are having lots of trouble with it (currently using LSK Shuttle)

If anyone has any comments on the Rimage system I would be interested to hear them.

Many thanks


Iggy -> RE: Rimage 2000i (1/4/2005 6:30:06 AM)

Welcome here. Personaly I don't have much experience for duplicators. The only one I ever saw was the ACARD. I am sure that someone else will help you.[:)]

Father Ted -> RE: Rimage 2000i (1/9/2005 3:36:12 PM)


The 2000i is a very good machine for the money, we seem to get very few problems with them.

The printers are good, the robotics are good. The recorders are standard Plextor (CD) / Pioneer (DVD) devices which are easy to replace when they wear out.

Make sure you get the Rimage spec for the PC - which does state you need a caching drive to feed the recorders.

The majority of problems with the Rimage kit is due to the customer's supplied pc not being up to the job, mostly they try to use an old PC, or install other software alongside the Rimage software - that's when the problems start.



geoff3d -> RE: Rimage 2000i (2/23/2005 11:20:45 AM)

Hi there,

We have recently purchased one and have had no end of problems with it.

We've tried it on two machines, both meeting and exceeding the requisite specifications, but it still won't work. Essentially, when submitting the job from the DVD software to the unit, it just sits there after imaging, saying 'waiting' with no other information. Opening up the System Manager, it shows that the job has been submitted (it's in the pending orders list, but just sits there saying 'pending' with again no other information). Tech support (European) has not been helpful at all, first of all pointing out that we indeed have a problem (which unfortunately, we already knew ;) ) and then the suggested solution was to reinstall the software which didn't change a thing. If any users out there that are reading this know of anything we can try to get this thing actually burning, I'm all ears.



CiK1 -> RE: Rimage 2000i (3/11/2005 9:21:02 PM)


We have extactly the same problem as you, I've been trying to get a solution for months now. I will post here if I find anything.
Woudl appreciate if you could do same.



nycdude -> RE: Rimage 2000i (3/12/2005 2:26:10 PM)

if you want to burn a DVDR.
Go to rimage system manager PAUSE your server and select SETTINGS.
and change your media to DVDR.
It is CDR by default.

geoff3d -> RE: Rimage 2000i (3/14/2005 8:39:31 AM)

Hi Carl,

I can confirm that the post below yours is the fix. I'll repeat it for clarity:

Open System Manager.
Pause the Production Server.
Choose Settings.
Change the media to DVDR.
Click OK, restart the server.

We got this fix from a very friendly helpful chap - Graeme Dawson, who is the UK / Ireland Rimage representative. I don't know where you are based, so that might not be of much help to you.

Why email based tech support never told us this is beyond me...

Anyway, that got us all up and running...

MonteCarlo -> RE: Rimage 2000i (4/23/2006 1:47:33 PM)

Im a new promoter for music and small buisness, I am interested in purchasing the rimage 2000i.  Overall is this a good product or is there is a better product.
Also the cheapest I've found the Rimage is $2700, is there somewhere to get it cheaper.

williamT -> RE: Rimage 2000i (4/2/2007 9:08:41 PM)

I own a RImage 2000i. The product is great when it works which is about 50% of the time. At times my machine is down for weeks.

I have had major problems in getting responses from tech support at Rimage for my 2000i. Both in non response with emails and telephone calls. Finally after 2.5 weeks of no response and calling the sales department I received a call 3 days later promising to have someone call that day. No one called. After calling again the next day someone from Rimage did call me back. After spending over two hours on the phone the Rimage unit worked HOWEVER in the process of "fixing" the rimage software my external firewire drives would not mount, which they did before following all of the techs instructions. So, now I own a Rimage 2000i that I cannot use due to my audio data drives cannot be accessed. The Rimage tech said it sounds like a windows problem (which I did not have before his "help"). I have spent so much time trying to get it running that I have given up and am looking at other manufacturers to change to. Chalk up a loss of $3k... my opinion is do not buy a Rimage product!

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