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iampedro2 -> SATA drives? (1/2/2005 8:05:51 PM)

Would SATA drive be better than IDE drive?

Iggy -> RE: SATA drives? (1/3/2005 1:33:29 AM)

I have read some reviews in a magazine. Although I cannot confirm its validity I think there is no great difference in speed, if not at all.

For me the only reason to go for a SATA drive instead of a PATA(IDE) is because the new motherboards with Intel Chipset 915 and 925 have much more SATA than PATA connections.[:)]

Before a month I bought an HD and it was PATA.

I am not telling you not to go for a SATA but just my point of view.[;)]

MP3Mogul -> RE: SATA drives? (1/3/2005 3:16:58 PM)

I much agree, I did the same for the connections. As for speed, I have a WD drive (IDE) that I'm sure is faster than my SATA drive.

Iggy -> RE: SATA drives? (1/3/2005 4:29:12 PM)

MP3Mogul btw the magazine was Computer Shopper, do you know anything about it?

MP3Mogul -> RE: SATA drives? (1/3/2005 6:20:11 PM)


I have a subscription to it!

Iggy -> RE: SATA drives? (1/4/2005 1:58:04 AM)

I'll check the date of the specific and I will tell you. It has a large comparison for SATA and PATA HDs.[:)]

Matthew -> RE: SATA drives? (1/10/2005 12:19:38 PM)

Since some current SATA drives are only PATA with an onboard converter (yes, even the first WD Raptors!) there probably isn't much in it.

SATA-150, versus PATA-133 or 100 - well seeing as no PATA drives have anything approching a sustained 100Mb/s rate, the only real advantage of SATA is if it avoids putting two drives on one PATA cable.

If you're heavy on the optical drives, then the HDD's need to be on SATA to keep the PATA IDE's available foir them.

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