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aowen512 -> help flashing nec2510 with herries firmware (11/9/2004 1:58:10 AM)

well ive done this once before but it was some time ago........

ive dled herries 1.07 beta5 zip file and would like to know what steps to take from here as i do not remember

ive flashed thsi burner once before (as dvdinfo reads it as nec 2500a) to make my burner change booktype settings. after a new mobo adn alot of other parts including hds, when i run dvdinfo it says my drive does not support booktype settings when it did before, so do i just not have it set up right or what...

on a second thought.... maybe someone can just help me with the hardware and maybe its not the firmware

ive got the drive in secondary master with a dvdrom in sec slave
the jumper pins i have set to master and slave accordingly

should these be in cable select or... because for some odd reason wehn i checked i had my burner in cable select which surprised me because i seemed to recall that it needed to be in mast/slave but i could be wrong

oh well i used to post on here as arowen...(yea the lucky fella who got 2 nec 2510s from newegg on accident when ordering 1) and was just wondering if someone coudl help me out


Iggy -> RE: help flashing nec2510 with herries firmware (11/9/2004 2:05:24 AM)

Welcome to CDRinfo's Forum!

The configuration is correct for your drive.[:)]

Do you have the windows flash utility or the DOS?

eleajar -> RE: help flashing nec2510 with herries firmware (11/9/2004 2:18:10 AM)

hi there m8. It's not a hardware config issue in any case. I had the same "problem". Just make a reflash and you are good to go!!!

I installed 2.16 version from dangerous brothers, since Herrie's firmware already distroyed 2 of my drives.... Get it here: -search for it in the list-
(i would post a direct download link, but offsite linking is not supported)... and there is a windows flasher in it, to make flashing easier...

You can also try the MadDog firmware that support DVD+R SL and DL, and DVD+RW Book Type... Again, you can get it here:

If you need any more info, you know what to do![;)]

aowen512 -> RE: help flashing nec2510 with herries firmware (11/9/2004 2:33:55 AM)

ok well herries offers me just about everything wiht the speed, region free sl and dl and booktype what all does the dangerous brothers 2.16 version offer.. i have no problems going with it its just that i would like to know a lil more about it first (booktype/bitsetting whatever you wunna call it is the the most important thing here and i didnt see nething about it in the 2.16.. just tell me if im a fool!)

ok also i will def do dos as windows is just too much risk....

after making a dos bootdisk from, and copying all the files onto the disk as well

what do i want to do from here.... like maybe just a quick little guide or link to a lil walk through

thx guys for the quick replys as well!!

aowen512 -> RE: help flashing nec2510 with herries firmware (11/9/2004 2:52:07 AM)

lol ok well i searched out my old user name and came out with something pretty nice

my directions to flashing herries firmware for nec 2x00a

gl everyone

still a few questions though
does the d bros 2.16 have ne advantages over herries that im going to use?? if not im just gunna do this again

another question is when i go to there are many different options to choose from, what do i want to get.. i have xp pro sp2 if that makes a diff

if i remember correctly, putting in a disk and right clicking and going to format
and then clicking on create ms-dos startup disk.. is that want i want to do here or actually get something off of

thx as usual cdrinfo boys!!!!!!

aowen512 -> RE: help flashing nec2510 with herries firmware (11/9/2004 11:11:01 AM)

ok so i used dr.dos from

i flashed the drive exactly as i said i did in the post i link to......

success it says so i reboot only to open dvdinfo to see that it says again.. that my drive does not support bitsettings....

well wtf is going on im confused now

ne help would be nice


aowen512 -> RE: help flashing nec2510 with herries firmware (11/9/2004 1:03:10 PM)

lol im impatience and now i think ive relaly messed something up

i went ahead and dled 2.16 d bros version and flashed it to that

so i start up windows says it finds nec 2510a, and then right after says it found a cdrom drive

when i open up my comp, the burner is shown as a cd rom drive only.....

what have i done.... :(


just a lil update to this

i open up dvdinfo and bam.. i can change booktype settings and it recognizes it correctly...

wtf is going on...

is dvdinfo correct or is my computer....

also in nero.. it sees it as the nec2510a and under options it does give the dl support unlike before when i flashed with herries instead of dbros..

all and all things are fishy and i need someone to tell me whats up so i can just stop ****ing up my burner more lol!

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