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RickTheRed -> Question for Cd/DVD speed user (9/28/2004 10:52:55 AM)

Dear cd/dvd speed user.
I am using the quality test on my burned media.
When the test is completed, the following info appears in a pop-up window:

Disc: DVD-R (RITEKG04)
Selected speed: 4 X
PI errors
Maximum: 130
Average: 43.11
Total: 471519
PI failures
Maximum: 7
Average: 0.18
Total: 1648
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 12.8 %
Average: 10.89 %
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 13938
Average scanning interval: 10.24 ECC
Glitches removed: 3

What is the meaning of "Glitches removed" and how this can be interpreted?
Is it better to have higher pi/pif and 0 Glitches?


Deleted User -> [Deleted] (9/28/2004 12:34:12 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

RickTheRed -> RE: Question for Cd/DVD speed user (9/28/2004 12:47:31 PM)

Thanks minos
Now I can sleep!

emperor -> RE: Question for Cd/DVD speed user (9/28/2004 2:33:38 PM)

Yes most chipsets return huge spikes of PI/PIF errors that are not true, so CD/DVD Speed removes them automatically

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