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BobD -> InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (11/27/2002 3:53:09 AM)

I just installed the Nero and InCD software that came with my new Verbatim 48x12x48 drive. I previously had DirectCD installed. I removed the DirectCD stuff like all the posts say to do.
The problem is that when I try to re-format or erase a CDRW that had been previously formatted with DirectCD, I get an error message and the process fails. Both Nero Erase and InCD can't seem to format the disks. Are these CD-R's now? I have tried different CD's from different vendors. (The drive formats NEW CDRW's and burns CDR's just fine).

rfdion -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (11/27/2002 6:33:17 AM)

What may work on the CD-RWs formatted under DirectCD so they can be reformatted under InCD is a program called SuperBlank 2.0 (Freebie):

If I recall correctly it requires a older version of ASPI (4.6) to be installed already for it to work properly.


Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (11/27/2002 6:42:44 AM)

most software that requires ASPI requires version 4.60 to work (over 4.72 or whatever it is)

KCK -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (11/27/2002 11:18:02 AM)

Did you try Nero|Recorder|EraseReWritable|Full Erase? Also you may expect problems with older media rated at 2x or 4x; I've stopped using them with the latest drives and software.

BobD -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (11/27/2002 5:06:47 PM)

Ok, so I installed SuperBlank 3.0(after changing from ASPI 4.72 to 4.6). I ran ASPI Check and the program told me 4.6 was working correctly.
I ran SuperBlank and it flashed the #1 box red for a second. Disk was spinning slowly, no apparent activity in SuperBlank.
I ejected the disk and re-tried with both InCD and Nero Erase. Now neither program will recognize the disk.
It seems I did something, but not quite a full erase.

What is SuperBlank supposed to look like when it's running properly?
Any other ideas?

rfdion -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (11/28/2002 2:28:20 AM)

SuperBlank, Version 3.01
This version is specifically designed for mass blanking of CD-RW discs. If you're having trouble blanking a particular disc you're probably better off with SuperBlank V2.0.
(Quote from SuperBlank site)

I have never used 3.01 so I have no idea what it may look like, its been sometime since I used 2.0 and I can't really recall what that looked like but I know it took quite a while to (re)format a CD-RW that had been previously formatted under DirectCD as I was in the same
boat that you are in now, DirectCD to InCD as far as packet writing now I just use InCD.


BobD -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (12/3/2002 10:27:32 PM)

2.0 does the same thing as 3.0. I guess I'll just have to stick with newer CDRW's for InCD. They seem to work just fine.

donziehm -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (12/15/2002 6:45:13 PM)

For what's it worth, I have run into the same problem on CD-RWs that were formated with InCD first, erased and written to by Nero, the tried to reformat with InCD.

I am starting to beleive that packet writing does something permanently to a CD-RW that can not be removed. You can use the disk for plain CD copy funtions later but froget reformating it to packet writing again.

I recollect something similiar years ago when both 640K and 1.4meg floppy diskettes existed. I think that if you originally formatted to 640K, you couldn't reformat to 1.4meg?

spoilsport -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (3/6/2003 11:55:44 PM)

I thought I'd revive this thread as I'm having a similar, but more serious problem. I had an HP USB CD-Writer which used Adaptec's DirectCD for packet writing. Though it tended to be buggy at times, I learned to live with it.

When the HP died, I purchased a Yamaha CRW-70 USB that came bundled with Nero Burning Rom, as well as the InCD packet-writing software. I uninstalled DirectCD, set the autoplay function off, and made a clean install of both Nero and InCD.

I can't get InCD to format even blank RW disks. It apparently makes it through the physical format, then hangs at the end of logical formatting. I'm left with a disk whose properties are:

170Kb Total Space
0 Kb Free [B)]

CD-RWs that had previously been formatted under DirectCD will not erase properly. All other functions of the Nero software work fine, it will burn a CD-RW, just not with packet writing.

I am running Windows XP Home. I updated to the latest version of InCD from Ahead's website. I've read the extensive FAQ over there, written their tech support, but am getting nowhere.

As you can see, I'm a complete newbie to this Forum. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! [:D]

KCK -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (3/7/2003 3:29:30 AM)


Presuming that your CD-RW media are good, you may have conflicts with remnants of DirectCD or other burning programs.

The USB interface also sometimes creates problems, although Nero works fine in your case. Are you using USB 2.0? Did you install any special USB drivers, or are you using the drivers provided by SP1? Are you getting the same symptoms when connected to a standard USB 1.1 port?

Take a look at the guide

and come back with more information.

spoilsport -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (3/8/2003 2:58:45 AM)


Thanks very much for your helpful post. I do have some more
information, and I finally feel some progress being made.

There were several files left over from the un-installation of DirectCD. I renamed the files .sy_ .dl_, etc. I also backed up the registry, then made the necessary changes according to the guide. Lastly, I downloaded a copy of Nero Info Tool, and found that the system ASPI is corrupted.

Here is what Info Tool reported:


ASPI information

System ASPI

WNASPI32.DLL 4.70 45056 bytes
ASPI32.SYS 4.70 built by: WinDDK


WNASPI32.DLL 172099 bytes

As far as the USB interface, it's not 2.0, at least
I don't believe. The writer is 2.0 compatible, but I
haven't installed the upgraded USB card, and have installed
no additional software for the USB port. Info tool reports that
the driver is usbuhci.sys from Microsoft v 5.1.2600.0 {XP Client...)

I haven't done much reading on cleaning up the ASPI, so again,
any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Originally posted by KCK

Take a look at the guide

and come back with more information.


I downloaded ForceASPI and ran aspikill. Then I installed ASPI 4.6, and Info Tool reported all was well. I am out of unformatted RW discs, so that's the next step.

Still accepting any advice, tips, etc! [:)]

KCK -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (3/8/2003 6:01:49 AM)


I see you are taking one step at a time; that's good![:)]

First, concerning DirectCD remnant .sys and .dll files, could you post the four dir outputs mentioned at the beginning of S11? It never hurts to check twice.

As for ASPI, it seems typical that Nero InfoTool reports the system ASPI as corrupted for 4.7x. But as you mentioned in the update, your ASPI may be OK now. For comparison, my box with Nero and InCD 3.52.00b has Nero ASPI: WNASPI32.DLL

BTW, please report which versions of Nero and InCD you are using. In general, you may upgrade to Nero and InCD 3.52.00b
(go to , , , or ; unfortunately these sites change every day, so look around). Alternatively, you may download the latest versions of Nero and InCD 3.52.20b from Ahead's site (I'll test these versions this weekend).

As noted in S3, Nero InfoTool is installed with recent versions of Nero. Hence I don't know why you had to download it separately.

Concerning USB, it seems you have been using a USB 1.1 port so far. In this case, the rewriting speed of your burner will be at most 4x, and probably just 2x (and no more than 6x for CD-R writing with Nero). To get faster speeds, you will need to install your USB 2.0 card. For typical cards, you won't need additional drivers, since SP1 provides USB 2.0 support (use Windows Update to get SP1 if necessary). Anyway, report the brand and model of your card.

If you need to re-use previously formatted discs, see S4 in the guide.

In conclusion, you are on the right track. However, in the long run it might help if you provided more information along the lines mentioned in the final step of the guide.

spoilsport -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (3/9/2003 1:01:29 AM)

Originally posted by KCK

First, concerning DirectCD remnant .sys and .dll files, could you post the four dir outputs mentioned at the beginning of S11? It never hurts to check twice.


08/17/2001 01:52 PM 7,680 CD20XRNT.SYS
01/24/2003 08:39 PM 52,736 cdac11ba.ex_
01/24/2003 08:39 PM 11,376 cdac15ba.sy_
08/18/2001 07:00 AM 18,688 CDAUDIO.SYS
08/18/2001 07:00 AM 62,208 CDFS.SYS
02/02/2003 11:25 PM 61,424 cdr4_xp.sy_
02/02/2003 11:25 PM 23,420 cdralw2k.sy_
08/18/2001 07:00 AM 47,488 CDROM.SYS
02/02/2003 11:25 PM 240,640 cdudf_xp.sy_
9 File(s) 525,660 bytes


02/02/2003 11:25 PM 206,464 udfreadr_xp.sy_
11/05/2001 04:35 PM 63,872 udfs.sys
2 File(s) 270,336 bytes

Directory of C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32

08/18/2001 07:00 AM 142,336 CDFVIEW.DLL
08/18/2001 07:00 AM 9,728 CDM.DLL
08/18/2001 07:00 AM 15,872 CDMODEM.DLL
08/18/2001 07:00 AM 2,028,032 CDOSYS.DLL
02/02/2003 11:25 PM 45,056 cdral.dl_
02/02/2003 11:25 PM 49,152 cdrtc.dl_
6 File(s) 2,290,176 bytes

Directory of C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32

02/22/2002 06:10 PM 90,112 udfrunin.ex_
08/18/2001 07:00 AM 21,504 UDHISAPI.DLL
2 File(s) 111,616 bytes

As you can tell, I've yet to delete the renamed files.

BTW, please report which versions of Nero and InCD you are using.

Nero Version Yamaha
InCD Version

As noted in S3, Nero InfoTool is installed with recent versions of Nero. Hence I don't know why you had to download it separately.

Not that it matters but I couldn't find InfoTool anywhere. Under |AheadNero|Nero Toolkit were CD Speed and DriveSpeed. I had thought that InfoTool would be found in CD Speed, but that was not the case. Also, I could find no mention of it in the Nero Help files. This version of Nero came bundled with the Yamaha burner, perhaps that explains it? [:I]

Concerning USB, it seems you have been using a USB 1.1 port so far. In this case, the rewriting speed of your burner will be at most 4x, and probably just 2x (and no more than 6x for CD-R writing with

When I purchased the burner it came with a free upgrade for a USB 2.0 card, I just haven't received it yet.

In conclusion, you are on the right track. However, in the long run it might help if you provided more information along the lines mentioned in the final step of the guide.

OK, here goes........and I'm afraid it's the long version! [:o)]

Q1. The model and firmware version of your burner, and how it is connected (internal IDE channel, USB (1.1 or 2.0) or FireWire (IEEE 1394), external interface (PCI or PC Card) if any). If you also have a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, specify its model.

Drive Information
Drive : YAMAHA CRW-70
Type : CD-RW Recorder
Firmware Version : 1.0B

USB 2.0

Drive : _NEC DV-5800A
Type : DVD-ROM Drive
Firmware Version : 1.0A

Q2. Hardware info for your box: motherboard and chipset for desktops, manufacturer and model for laptops.

Intel 430MX Motherboard
IBM Mach VLSI Chipset

Q3. Version of Windows service packs installed, if any.

Windows XP 5.1 (Build 2600)

Q4. Versions of Nero/InCD and other burning programs or plugins, and whether Nero works correctly with your CD-RW media (otherwise there is little point in dealing with InCD before other problems are fixed).

Software Information
Operating System : Windows XP Home Edition (5.01.2600 )
ASPI : Nero Aspi Library ahead software gmbh

Description : Nero - Burning Rom
Version : 5, 5, 5, 1
Company : Ahead Software AG

Description : InCD CD-RW UDF Tools
Version : 3.18.0
Company : Copyright (C) ahead software gmbh and its licensors


Nero Burning Rom does write to RW discs successfully.

Q5. Brands and quantity of CD-RW discs used; if re-used, were they fully erased before reformatting?

Memorex CD-RW 700mb 80 Minute 4x Multi Speed.
They were fully erased before reformatting

Q6. Format version (UDF 1.50 or CD-MRW) and whether it proceeded as in Step S8.

UDF 1.50; proceeded with no heavy background programs

Q7. What does Nero InfoTool | Configuration say about Autorun for your burner? Are the symptoms for your problem the same for Autorun set to on and to off?

Autorun Off. Symptoms same when On.

Q8. What does Nero InfoTool say about ASPI (both system and Nero)?

ASPI Information
System ASPI

WNASPI32.DLL : 4.60 (1021) 45056 bytes September 10, 1999
ASPI32.SYS : 4.60 (1021) 25244 bytes September 10, 1999
WINASPI.DLL : 4.60 (1021) 5600 bytes September 10, 1999
WOWPOST.EXE : 4.60 (1021) 4672 bytes September 10, 1999


WNASPI32.DLL : 172099 bytes May 21, 2001

Q9. If other burning programs or plugins had been removed, was InCD reinstalled after the registry had been cleaned either manually or via programs such as RegCleaner?


Q10. What non-Microsoft drivers are listed by Nero InfoTool? Here only drivers nonrelated to CD burning (e.g., modem, scanner, etc) may be skipped. You should also post the results of the dir commands mentioned at the beginning of S11. Further, once Nero is run, the file NeroHistory.log in C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero lists useful information about system files. Since this file can be rather long, you may concentrate on its last session. Thus you may extract the initial information section (which ends with "Wizard: Off or On") and the final "Existing drivers" section from the Nero log file and post it to haunt for conflicting drivers.

Driver Information

Driver : ati2mtaa
Description : ATI RAGE 128 Miniport Driver
Version : 6.13.3268 built by:ATI Technologies Inc.
Company : ATI Technologies Inc.

Driver : BsStor
Description : B.H.A Storage Helper Driver (WindowsNT5.x)
Version : 0.90
Company : B.H.A Co.,Ltd.

Driver : BsUDF
Description : UDF File System Driver (WindowsNT5.x)
Version : 3.18.0
Company : ahead software

Driver : MxlW2k
Description : MusicMatch Access Layer KMD
Version :
Company : MusicMatch, Inc.

Driver : NAVAP
Description : AutoProtect
Version :
Company : Symantec Corporation

Driver : NPDriver
Description : Norton Protection Driver
Version :
Company : Symantec Corporation

Driver : Ptilink
Description : Parallel Technologies DirectParallel IO Library
Version : 1.10 (XPClient.010817-1148)
Company : Parallel Technologies, Inc.

Driver : smwdm
Description : SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
Version :
Company : Analog Devices, Inc.


Nero History Log:

Windows XP 5.1
WinAspi: File 'Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=4.60 (1021), size=45056 bytes, created 9/10/1999 12:06:00 PM
ahead WinASPI: File 'C:\Program Files\ahead\Nero\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=172099 bytes, created 5/21/2001 4:35:20 PM
Nero Version:
Recorder: <YAMAHA CRW-70> Version: 1.0B - HA 5 TA 0 -
Adapter driver: <> HA 5
Drive buffer : 8192kB
CD-ROM: <_NEC DV-5800A> Version: 1.0A - HA 1 TA 0 -
Adapter driver: <atapi> HA 1

=== Scsi-Device-Map ===
DiskPeripheral : MAXTOR 6L040J2 atapi Port 0 ID 0 DMA: On
CdRomPeripheral : _NEC DV-5800A atapi Port 1 ID 0 DMA: On

AutoRun : 0
CmdQueuing : 1
CmdNotification: 2
WriteBufferSize: 34603008 (0) Byte
ShowDrvBufStat : 0
EraseSpeed : 0
BUFE : 0
Physical memory : 255MB (261132kB)
Free physical memory: 58MB (59476kB)
Memory in use : 77 %
Uncached PFiles: 0x0
Use Static Write Speed Table: 0
Use Inquiry: 1
Wizard: On

Sorry about the length and the few redundancies. I have noticed that my firmware version of 1.0B is not the latest. There is a revision 1.0E. Also, I have not updated to the latest software versions of either Nero or InCD. Trying to keep it simple ahead of further instruction. [;)]

KCK -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (3/9/2003 6:47:38 AM)


Don't worry about the length of your posts; it's much better to have too much rather than too little info!

Although MusicMatch looks suspicious (see 11 below), you should go through the following long list of other points as well.

1. Yamaha CRW-70 firmware 1.0B was available already in August '01, so you should upgrade to the latest one.

2. Many users report problems with Memorex CD-RW media. Maybe the problems are not so severe for 4x discs, but don't expect miracles.

3. Once you move to USB 2.0, you should be able to rewrite at 8x or 10x CAV (even for firmware 1.0B), in which case 10x or 12x discs will be needed. Even now for USB 1.1, try to get several discs of different brands for testing.

4. For full-erase in Nero, you may choose lower speeds if necessary.

5. Apparently you don't have Service Pack 1 yet, so you should get SP1 (or SP1x, whatever MS provides now). Use Windows Update to install SP1 and all critical updates and patches, but for now stay away from Windows Media Player, etc. You will need SP1 for USB 2.0 support. BTW, if you used a Yamaha installation disc to install USB 2.0 drivers, try to remove them first, if possible via Add/Remove programs.

6. Your versions of Nero and InCD are quite old. Use Control Panel | Add/Remove programs to uninstall InCD and EasyWriteReader (or InCD UDF reader; I'm not sure how it was called earlier), but keep Nero. Then download the latest versions of Nero, InCD and EasyWriteReader from Ahead's site (choose InCD | Program for InCD, and InCD | Utilities for EasyWriteReader), and install them in that order, rebooting at the end.

In fact it is not clear whether you have installed EasyWriteReader (or its earlier equivalents). So for safety remove whatever you have, but you may not need to install EasyWriteReader if you have SP1 and your burner doesn't support CD-MRW (see S8). Anyway, tell us if you have installed EasyWriteReader for your current tests.

7. As for Norton Utilities, you should disable NAV for InCD tests (it may interfere with both formatting and file copying), and perhaps remove autoprotection for your burner's drive.

8. Apparently your Yamaha doesn't support CD-MRW (Mt. Rainier), at least with firmware 1.0B. Once you upgrade the firmware and InCD, tell me if CD-MRW appears in InCD Page Settings, and Mt. Rainier in Nero InfoTool.

Also you may need to select an appropriate Write Speed in InCD Page Settings | Drive Speed Settings, depending on your CD-RW media ratings and USB version (e.g., at most 4x for USB 1.1). This option was available for firmware 1.0B and older versions of InCD; tell us if you still have it after the upgrades.

9. Keep Autorun on for now; you may experiment with "off" later.

10. As for your C:\Windows\System32\Drivers, cdfs.sys, cdrom.sys and udfs.sys will probably be updated by SP1. Googling for "cdac11ba" showed that cdac11ba.exe and cdac15ba.sys are related to C-dilla, TurboTax and spyware in general, and that they could possibly interfere with CD burning! I'm not sure if simple renamings will suffice here; use Google to find how to remove such spyware properly.

As for your C:\Windows\System32, cdm.dll and udhisapi.dll will be updated by SP1.

Thus you may remove the .sy_, .dl_ and .ex_ files, upgrade to SP1, and report the dir outputs again.

11. Now, here is something really interesting! Your Driver Information mentions MxLW2k, a driver installed by MusicMatch, which is probably included in your UpperFilters. (Note that MusicMatch JukeBox is mentioned in S11, and Q4 asks for "other burning programs or plugins"!)

Now, since this driver may conflict with InCD, the usual steps should be taken.

First, try to remove MusicMatch software via Add/Remove programs. If MxLW2k still appears in your Driver Information, change its .sys extension to .sy_ in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers and remove it from UpperFilters either by editing the registry as in;en-us;314060

or by running ulfilter.reg as in S11. Note that this must be done before (re)installing Nero, InCD and EasyWriteReader. Afterwards, as indicated in S11, you may check the filters by running the utility

Thus tell us which filters are reported by this utility. (Well, maybe I should include this check in the InCD guide.)

12. The parallel direct cable connection port driver Ptilink listed in your Driver Information should be harmless. Still, if everything else fails, you may try to remove it eventually.

13. Earlier versions of Nero didn't include Nero InfoTool; that's why you couldn't find it.

14. Your ASPI layers look OK. Actually Nero and InCD don't need additional system ASPI, but 4.60 seems to be quite harmless, so you may keep it for now. Nero ASPI will change after you upgrade Nero.

15. Once you get the USB 2.0 card and install it, check Device Manager if no yellow exclamation marks occur. As I said, with SP1 your card should be working without additional drivers. If you see anything strange, please report it.

In general, your burner may behave differently with the same media depending on whether USB is 1.1 or 2.0. Hence specify which symptoms you observe for each USB version.

spoilsport -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (3/9/2003 11:57:13 PM)



First, I'm very grateful for all the time and help you've given me. There is no way in hell I could have got this done without such assistance! [^]

I basically did every step you suggested with the exception of deleting cdac11ba.exe and cdac15ba.sys . I found that those files are what Intuit uses to securely register/activate Turbo Tax, which I have installed on my system. This C-dilla folder contains the SafeCast Product Licence data that they use for authentification.

I ran Ad Aware and no spyware was found on my system.

All went without a hitch, and since everything was set up as you recommended (XP Service Pack, Firmware upgrade, software upgrades, disabling NAV, different media, and perhaps most importantly, whacking Music Match), it's hard for me to know what actually did it. I'll leave that to you experts!

To get to some of your points of interest:

  • Indeed, my recorder does NOT support CD-MRW. [:(]

  • Easy WriteReader wasn't previously installed, and I didn't install it prior to testing.

  • There is now (with latest firmware), no option for Write Speed within InCD Page Settings.

  • However, I did set write speed to 4x by opening the properties | recording| box of the associated drive, and checking |enable recording| assign image to drive C:, and speed to 4x.

I noticed that after a successful format and packet write to a Sony CD-RW 1-2-4x disc, the enable CD Recording check was not retained. [?]

Lastly, I have a laptop with Win 98SE, that is also reluctant to format with InCD. If you could post a link to troubleshoot that, I'd uhhhhhhhh, really be in your debt! [:I]

Edited Part:

Actually, I just found the link to your Win98 Troubleshooting at

I'll let you know how that goes as well! [;)]

Originally posted by KCK


<big snip>
Although MusicMatch looks suspicious (see 11 below), you should go through the following long list of other points as well.

KCK -> RE: InCD and Previously formatted CDRW's (3/10/2003 5:50:34 AM)


Glad to hear about your success![:D]

Since many variables changed at the same time, it's hard to identify the main culprit, but my bet goes for MusicMatch.

BTW, were you able to get rid of MusicMatch simply via Add/Remove programs, or did you have to remove it from UpperFilters manually?

Apparently you must keep cdac11ba.exe and cdac15ba.sys for TurboTax. I knew that many users complained about the new spyware features of Intuit software, but before googling for cdac11ba, I didn't know that they might interfere with CD burning. Thus I'm not suprised that many former customers are turning away from Intuit.

As for NAV, I can't say much, since I'm not running it on my XP box. You may experiment to see whether having NAV enabled hurts anything.

I hope you have downloaded Nero Language pack to get help files.

I'm not suprised that your burner doesn't support Mt. Rainier even with the latest firmware, since apparently Yamaha has never promised it.

Since your burner doesn't support CD-MRW and you have SP1, you don't need EasyWriteReader; your InCD discs should be readable in your NEC DVD-ROM drive anyway.

The disappearance of Write Speed in InCD Page Settings is typical for recent versions of InCD; I wouldn't worry about it. Further, you shouldn't meddle with the properties of your burner's drive, since they refer to the XP burning service (Roxio-based!), and both Nero and InCD disable this service when they are run.

Let us know how things work once you get the USB 2.0 card.

As for your 98SE laptop, the InCD 98x guide should help, although older systems typically accumulate a lot of burning programs and plugins. I guess you have tried the USB 1.1 interface so far. If you wanted to get a USB 2.0 PC Card, beware that there are incompatibilities between some cards and laptop controllers (bridges), and for 98SE one must use USB 2.0 drivers provided by vendors. Thus it's best to do some research before buying a PC Card, and to ensure that the card can be returned if it doesn't work.

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