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Cebaoth -> How much with a TEAC W54E (4x4x8x)? (11/16/2002 6:15:02 PM)

I have a two year old TEAC W54E (4x4x8x), which goes still fine. Never had troubles with this device, but at last it was a bit too slow, so i got an AOPEN CRW4850, which now goes fine, too.

Maybe it's possible to oc the TEAC to 8x or 10x or even 12x (I could use it in another pc), but I need to know if it works at all and what firmware i have to use.

Anybody got some experience with this yet?

Clint -> RE: How much with a TEAC W54E (4x4x8x)? (11/22/2002 1:28:38 PM)

I have the exact drive, TEAC CD-W54E 4/4/32, and it cannot be overclocked.

But keep it, it is a magnificent piece of hardware because it can read any scrathed CD perfectly. It has the best error correction (along the most of the TEAC CD-RW drive range) I have ever come across, ever! I promise it can even read *****ed CD's (!) I have tried, LOL! [:D]

It might be a little slow, but I love it! Mines also 2 years old and it's been flogged - but still goes as good as new! [:I]

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