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arowen -> help flashing my nec 2510a (7/17/2004 3:47:13 PM)

when going into my system bios and when i set the jumper pins,

my 2510a is secondary master and my dvd rom is sec slave

i have dled herries for it beta 5 and when i unzipped it i came out with nec2x00a.exe and 107v2b5d.bin

i was on herries site and dled this thing to make a dos boot disk and it said to dump these files onto that disk

then when i start up my computer i type:

nec2x00a.exe -sec -mas -flash 107v2b5d.bin

is this what i want to type exactly???

or am i close.. can someone plz direct me ! thx

arowen -> RE: help flashing my nec 2510a (7/17/2004 4:33:20 PM)

well i typed that exactly and it was correct i have now flashed it


Deleted User -> [Deleted] (7/17/2004 6:49:02 PM)

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