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instlr -> OC Artec WRR-4048 (9/14/2002 4:54:05 AM)

Might anyone have an original firmware from an Artec WRR-4848. I am trying to OC my WRR-4048 to 48x write speed, if it will work.


labco -> RE: OC Artec WRR-4048 (9/29/2002 3:59:15 PM)

Try it at the artec homepage:




JRF -> RE: OC Artec WRR-4048 (3/18/2003 11:22:40 PM)

I could also use an orginal firmware for the wrr-4848, there is the 4048 at the site mentioned above. I got that and the flash kit.
I did a save on my 4848 and now it burns ,but still with some problems. Before doing a save (using the flash program) it would not write at all.
I need to find a clean wrr-4848.bin. It is not on the arteck.
All I did was load Turbo Tax 2002 on my machine, and away when the wrr-4848, it would not burn at all,that s/w somehow wrote to the firmware and turned off the burn mode.(very interesting).

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