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ihabnyc -> MP3 cd in portable player mystery (8/22/2002 9:48:44 PM)

I have a live set in mp3 format that plays fine on my pc, playing from any of my drives. But for some mystery reason it wont play on my portable mp3 cd player. It plays on my pc off of my cd (which I burned from my HD) I have tried converting to a wav then reencoding back to mp3. I have also tried modifying the wav file and re saving as a different name, then reencoded as mp3 at various different bitrates. Each mp3 plays fine on the pc- from the HD or from cd, but again won't play on the mp3 cd player. All other mp3 tracks play fine. Im guessing there may be some copyright management hiddden
somewhere or some odd errorin the file.. but I cant seem to figure it out. I have also tried a few mp3 repair aps, but im still making annoying coasters (as far as my portable is concerned) It also doesnt matter what place on the cd I place the track- it just skips over.... The player is an earlier rio sp 90... Anyone have any ideas? My next attempts are to try a wave stripper on the .wav file then re encode once more, or to use total sound recorder and record it from the output of my soundcard..

Thanks all - IE

MP3Mogul -> RE: MP3 cd in portable player mystery (8/23/2002 4:09:26 PM)

I would say that this sounds like a burning issue, not the encoding of the file issue. If the file was a protected MP3, it would not let you convert it to wave, and it would tell you that it was protected as such.

On the second hand, I'll assume, since you have the RioVolt 90 that you have been burning the mp3 cd's for quite some time. What software are you using to burn to mp3 disc?

I have a RioVolt SP100, and if I elected to burn a "MP3 Disc" I had problems, I had to burn normal ISO 9660 "Data" discs to get them to work correctly, this was utilizing Nero. I noticed that this was also the case when I used MusicMatch, if I burned a MP3 Disc it skipped, etc, but when I burned a "data" disc with Music Match, it worked fine.

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