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Jei_Flo -> Please Help Me Revive My Burner (9/24/2001 3:56:40 PM)

Tried to burn a CD today and noticed that my burner wasnt listed as a device anymore..... when i boot the computer the drive is found but used to display
Iomega ZipCD 4x650
but now dusplays
Iomega ZipCD 4x65
seemed pretty wierd to me, so far i have tried swapping IDE channels, switching jumpers, uninstalling, redetecting, updating drivers, and prett much everything else. The only thing i havent been able to do was update the firmware "which i think will solve the problem" when i run the Iomega firmware update it lists the drive as unsupported because the name is wrong, although the firmware is correct for this drive, i was wondering if there was a generic program to flash the drive or if i can edit the program to ignore the drivename and flash anyways...... any other ideas would be appreciated...I have also called tech support and they helped a little bit but the drive is no longer in warranty. Thanks anyone for the help, its appreciated!

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