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Loranga -> updating HP 8100 with Sony CRX-100E firmware... (9/19/2001 4:53:53 AM)


I was woundering if anyone have had problems with upgrading the HP 8100 burner with the hacked firmware for Sony CRX-100?

The reason I'm thinking of upgrading is becase when I try to burn big files (like divx 700mb) the burning takes 17min but when I later try to explore the cd there's only 2mb burned on it. I hope the firmware upgrade will fix this, or?

"firmware for HP8100 series..!
This firmware has been hacked to call itself HP 8100 instead of Sony CRX-100E. The LEDs act just as they did on the HP 8100 with this hacked firmware. The ONLY thing it does is flash an HP 8100 with 1.0n firmware in a way that doesn't cause the drive to call itself a Sony CRX-100E, and maintains the way the LEDs work on an HP 8100. Essentially, it's like a new version of the HP 8100 firmware.
It solves problem with 80min CDs for good!"

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