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Kawasaki -> UK - PC World CDR prices! (3/5/2002 12:44:01 PM)

I went into PC World today to look at what blank CDRs they have. They have a really good selection: Kodak, TDK, Memorex, HP, Philips.... BUT the prices!!!!!!?????? Flaming rediculous honestly. None of the good makes work out better than 75p each even on spindles.

Went to Dixons afterwards. Not such a good selection but cheaper. And PC World and Dixons are part of the same group.

It saddens me PC World get away with the prices they charge.

robg1701 -> RE: UK - PC World CDR prices! (3/5/2002 5:33:23 PM)

Thought this was well known ? :P

PC World do indeed charge ridiculous prices on almost everything they sell...the only thing ive ever bought from there is HP ink cartridges for my printer, which surprisingly they are the cheapest around here for, lol :)

rblake -> RE: UK - PC World CDR prices! (3/6/2002 3:23:35 AM)

Just goes to show, down here in Cornwall PC World are amongst the cheapest!

Chipbuttyman2 -> RE: UK - PC World CDR prices! (3/7/2002 9:54:43 AM)

I never thought I would ever see "PC World" and "cheapest" in the same sentence without "not" inbetween.Or Dixons for that matter.

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