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djtony -> HP 8100 firmware problem (1/8/2002 12:44:50 PM)

Hi, I'm try to firmware my HP 8100 cd-writer from 1.0g to 1.0n and at everytime that I launch the update.exe this msg appears:
"ERROR: Could not find an HP SureStore CD-Writer Plus drive."
so what I have to do to make it work ???
I want my cd-writer to burn 80mins CD

dwaynestewart26 -> RE: HP 8100 firmware problem (1/20/2002 9:41:39 AM)

Having the same problem. Does anyone know a fix for this?

YK -> RE: HP 8100 firmware problem (1/21/2002 2:06:02 PM)

I have that problem too!!!

vegeta535 -> RE: HP 8100 firmware problem (1/28/2002 6:11:30 PM)

I had the same problem when i had my hp8100. The update doesn't work in windows 200 and xp. You have to use windows 9x. I ran the update in windows me and it worked.

dr_goo -> RE: HP 8100 firmware problem (2/5/2002 9:35:58 PM)

that sucks hardcore, somebody said to use the sony flash utility directly instead of the hacked sony one. i dont know, but i know i dont want to install 9x again, damn

ColdFusioN -> RE: HP 8100 firmware problem (2/12/2002 5:13:47 AM)

Here's the basic solution to installing the hacked firmware on windows XP

Step One:
Make a DOS bootdisk.
If you don't have one or don't have the necessary files just visit www.bootdisk.com

Step Two:
Download both the HP 8100 1.0n hacked firmware and the Sony CRX-100E firmware.
You can find them both on www.cdrinfo.com

Step Three:
Copy updcrx21.exe from the Sony package and 8100_10n.bin from the HP package to your DOS-bootdisk

Step Four:
Reboot and type "updcrx21 8100_10n.bin /at /2 /S" at the command prompt.
Remember : if your cdwriter is a primary device change /2 to/1 and if it's master change /S to /M)

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