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MaXimus -> How can i overclock my LiteOn 24X drive? (1/7/2002 4:27:00 PM)

this is the first time in my life to hear that CDRW drives can be overclocked...i thought it was all about the processors and video cards :) there a way that i can overclock my drive? and if ?

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wvi -> RE: How can i overclock my LiteOn 24X drive? (1/9/2002 11:44:49 AM)

well many old drives could be overclocked by updating with the firmware of an newer drive.... for example updating an liteon 8x burner with the Liteon 12x firmware this worked great i know cozz i dit it.and the drive work perfectly at 12x !

but now-a-days the company know that people c r a c k the firmware file so they make an verry good protection in it that cmp hardware crc code or something that prevent upgrading. and make youre drive useless or a verry expensive cdrom drive....

probably the Mitsumi 24x is the same drive as the Mitsumi 32x i know that cozz of the specs are the same (this doesn't mean they ARE the same but it is possible they are...and that they are only different by firmware just like the Liteon 8x ,12x

and if you compare 24x to 32x you see that the speed i thought only 20 secs so wich laser can not handle 20 secs faster.....?

i think overclocking will not be of the future cozz of the protections.

i hear you thinking why not c r a c k the damn protection well its not easy cozz if the protection is in the hardware or in the binary file than its almost impossible (as far as i know....



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MaXimus -> RE: How can i overclock my LiteOn 24X drive? (1/10/2002 12:44:01 AM)

Thanks alot for the info bud :)

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