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Unpede -> Liteon Bad Flash (12/10/2001 11:09:52 PM)

I recently tried to upgrade the firmware from my liteon 16102b but the PC shutdown and the flash was bad. Now the green light is on and I cant open the tray. Anyone knows how to reflash it?. Under windows the flasher i downloaded gives me an error.

Mender -> RE: Liteon Bad Flash (12/18/2001 7:00:27 AM)

Try the DOS flash utility to flash it to 5SO7. This has been known to work after a bad flash. You have to run it from a pure dos environment, NOT a DOS window in Windows.
Get the DOS flash utility from HERE

Unpede -> RE: Liteon Bad Flash (12/18/2001 9:30:36 PM)

Just changed the recorder today at the store:-)

Thank you very much anyway!!

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