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guddu -> double click then property opens (8/7/2008 1:53:37 AM)


yesterday my friend will come and use my pc.

after this when i doubleclick on my computer icon then it will not open but property will open then i have to open my computer with explorer.

this also happen when i double click on c: d: drives its property will open.

but i double click on any file for ex: word, powerpoint,etc it will be open.

first i think mouse will be invert but it is not invert.

plz help me

killalot57 -> RE: double click then property opens (8/7/2008 4:55:09 AM)

I bet its you "alt" key, I bet its stuck down on the inside of your keyboard or something.

Try pressing the "alt" key all the way down a few times in a row then try to open one of you local drives.

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