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FredVH -> What do it mean? (8/20/2007 8:48:23 PM)

Hi.  I'm a newbie, as you'll see (just bought the Registered version today).  After looking thru extant threads for my subject, I see that this will seem very elementary.
Re DVDInfoPro's "Media" option, is there a list of what the Manufacturer codes and subcodes abbreviations mean, such as the Media Code/Mfr ID "MCC   004" with the Media Product Revision Number "00h"?  I started out wondering if my Verbatim DVD+R 16-x's were made in Tasmania or somewhere after some folks on another forum started ticking off all the dire possibilities and strange codes.  Since I couldn't relate anything my magnifying glass showed on the discs to what I could Google, I took someone's suggestion and bought the registered version of DVDINFOPro.  I frankly expected something a little more user friendly.  Now that I read 'Media Code/Mfr ID "MCC   004" with the Media Product Revision Number "00h"', I'm still in the dark as to what I've got.  Any suggestions?  Have I missed a FAQ or 10?

SithTracy -> RE: What do it mean? (8/20/2007 10:03:48 PM)

MCC 004 is Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation... Verbatim... So long as the MID is not fake, it's damn good media.

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