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sashen -> Please help!! (5/31/2007 6:59:12 AM)

Hi there. I have a Pentium 4 2.8Ghz cpu processor with 1gb ram, 80 gig hard-drive as a primary hard-drive & a 300gig hard-drive as a secondary hard-drive. Anyway when i switch on my computer, everything starts up fine except my CPU TOWER led light stays constantly orange.It does not goes off or blink, previously it used to. I have got this PC for almost 2yrs now.
I cannot figure out why the led light does not blink or flicker.
Could any1 please help & tell me what could be wrong? I would really appreciate.
Many thanks.

SithTracy -> RE: Please help!! (5/31/2007 8:05:54 AM)

Does the PC work?  Could be just a defective LED... they do go bad.... The LED lead could be attached to your motherboard wrong too.  Check the pins.

sashen -> RE: Please help!! (5/31/2007 8:26:40 AM)

hi, yes..PC works. i am using it now as i type this message.

will check that out..


guddu -> RE: Please help!! (6/16/2008 7:06:27 AM)

you done the jumper setting back of your harddisk

you give 80 GB primary then u have to fix the jumper on 1 and 2 pins

and for 300 3 and 4 pins if you connect it on same port of motherboard.

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