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coonsanders -> ati tv wonder usb 2.0 questions (3/15/2007 6:23:05 PM)

i just got this new software and i was trying to copy a video tape to put on a dvd.the picture while it copied was jumpy and it skipped
a little.this was the same when i tried to do it with nero vision in nero
7.i can watch tv programs with this ati usb product but now the pic-
ture going into the computer is questional.whats the best way to co
-nfig these to programs so they will play nicely together??thanks.


ps i have xp and service pack 2

SithTracy -> RE: ati tv wonder usb 2.0 questions (3/16/2007 12:03:26 AM)

Was it a purchased video/movie?  You probably need to defeat the macrovision protection on it...  Never had the need, but I suspect you can get something from a RadioShack or electronics store.

coonsanders -> RE: ati tv wonder usb 2.0 questions (3/16/2007 10:12:43 AM)

no this was a video tape film that i bought from somebody who was a friend and he made this tape for me so there was no copy protection involved here.


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