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NLight95 -> Best burner for dual layer? (3/12/2007 7:48:19 PM)

I'm looking for a drive that excels at DL burning. My current BenQ 1650 does "ok" but I'd like to have a drive that does even better. I've read (can't remember, though) where the Pioneer 111D is supposed to be pretty decent at DL burning but I have no personal experience with the drive.

Any recommendations?


SithTracy -> RE: Best burner for dual layer? (3/12/2007 9:11:36 PM)

I've never owned a Pioneer drive but I am considering the 212 series (the SATA version of the latest 112 series).  Given that you are on a Comando MB, you should consider SATA as well since the Jmicron controller ASUS is putting on their ICH8R boards (I think other Intel soutbridges as well).

That said, I am using an LG GSA-H22N on my Jmicron controller on my P5B Deluxe WiFi/AP system using MS drivers on the controller with success.  Lately I really like LG drives, though they don't quality scan.  Not sure if the Pioneer does either, but I have heard they give outstanding burns.

Dartman -> RE: Best burner for dual layer? (4/11/2007 7:36:19 PM)

My 111 does great burns to DL media, and it appears my new LG h22n does just as well so far too. It even burns Ritek D01 DL at 4x with fair results which is better then any other drive I own at the moment. I'd recomemnd either drive at this point though Pioneers tend to get much better firmware upgrade support.

Zebadee -> RE: Best burner for dual layer? (4/12/2007 12:31:16 AM)

Hi [:)]
Either of the latest generation drives from LG or Pioneer.
Plextor should also be added (Not the 800).
My favourites are Pioneer 112/212 + Plextor 760.

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