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Peter21 -> Digital Audio Extraction and Plextools (1/8/2007 4:18:05 PM)

I have just purchased a PX755UF drive form Plextor, which I am only going to use for Digital Audio Extraction together with Plextools.

Before I start to rip all my CD’s, to the ape format, I have a few questions regarding the ripping process, which I hope some of you have an answer to. The questions are….

Is there any difference between Plextools Professional and Plextools Professional XL in DAE performance

What is the right setting for Digital Audio Extraction to get the absolute best and most reliable extraction? Should I limit the CD reading speed? Is there any difference in using CAV or CLV for Disc velocity? Is it OK to enable Speed read?

Do any of you know if a PlexTools DAE Guide exists or something like that?

Best regards and thank you for your answers


MP3Mogul -> RE: Digital Audio Extraction and Plextools (1/8/2007 5:35:44 PM)

There is no difference in DAE between PlexTools Pro and XL.

As far as the rip speed, rip it wide open, I always do, and there is never a problem.

Clint -> RE: Digital Audio Extraction and Plextools (1/10/2007 6:45:56 AM)

Hi Peter21

Enable "5" in PlexTools DAE options to obtain highest quality with Plextor units. Also CAV or CLV is fine, and leave SpeedRead disabled for DAE.

This should cover your questions.

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