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Aenarion -> P5LD2 motherboard heat problems (1/6/2007 4:19:39 PM)


I recently made the below system:
Asus P5LD2 motherboard (S775)
Intel Pentium D 820 (2.8 Mhz)
Corsair DDR2 512 667 Mhz
PCX Gainward 7100GS GPU

I noticed that the utility of Asus to report the temperature is constantly showing 45 C for the motherboard. checked the bios health utility and the temperatures are always +40 C.

Is this the temperature that the MB is supposed to work? I m going to install some extra fans anyway.

MP3Mogul -> RE: P5LD2 motherboard heat problems (1/6/2007 5:53:47 PM)

Personally, I'd say that's a bit too warm.  I'd try some extra cooling fans.

Aenarion -> RE: P5LD2 motherboard heat problems (1/7/2007 6:26:38 AM)


traditionally i know the temperature of the motherboard should be below 38 C. But I ve never used this MB before and i was wondering if anyone has experience with it. The motherboard does not seem hot by touching. I wonder if the probes of asus are correct on them readings.

I ve sent a hardware enquiry to ASUS just to be sure.

But definetely i ll install some good fans for better air traffic within the box.

thanks again

MP3Mogul -> RE: P5LD2 motherboard heat problems (1/7/2007 3:43:50 PM)

I think perhaps it could be a sensor problem, I don't personally think your MB is that hot.

Aenarion -> RE: P5LD2 motherboard heat problems (1/12/2007 12:32:53 PM)

That's the official answer i got from asus i m just posting it for reference to other readers :


Dear sir/madam,

Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Service.
My name is Penny. It's my pleasure to help you with your problem.

The motherboard temperature is in the normal range. If it is below 60C degree, it is normal. You don't need to worry about it. If you want to decrease the motherboard temperature, you can add on another chassis fan to use, and check your chassis whether its air flows well.

If you have any problem, please refer FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) or contact us again. We will try our best to help you.

It will be very kind of you to mark this mail to show us your satisfaction so that we can improve our service quality with your kindly feedback.


P! enny
ASUS Customer Service Center(China)

I think as well there is a problem with the sensor because ASUS PROBE is crashing once a while and the readings sometimes are wrong. Anyway I installed a case fan just to be sure and i got my temperature bellow 42 now so for me the issue is over.

Thanks again for the great help mate

SithTracy -> RE: P5LD2 motherboard heat problems (1/12/2007 3:40:48 PM)

ASUS Probe and Probe II are niot that great... Wish MBM was still developed, but when you give something for free, people are going to take it and not donate or contribute to keep the project alive.

alexmacris -> RE: P5LD2 motherboard heat problems (1/19/2007 5:08:25 AM)

45 celcious is very normal for Intel D820 processors, with a bigger and better cooling system you can reduce it

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