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Toetag -> Burning MP3 to disk problem (12/10/2006 7:50:58 PM)

I checked through the forum and did not see this specific question, so hope someone can help.
I bought my son a new teac mini shelf system, (am/fm/cd/AUX/IPOD hhokup, and the box, the ad literature and the manual all say say it will play MP3 CD's. I have tried buring MP3s to CDs using Roxio 7, which has MP3 to burner options as well as  I have used easy cd -DA shareware. I have made sure the songs were MP3 and not WMA or wav.  I have tried to burn it as both ausing the creat an  MP3 option as well as a buring it as a regular data CD. Using WINamp. I created a playlist and included and not including that when doing a data cd as well as a MP3 CD. . I have created extra folders to burn trying MP3 songs both in and oout of the folders on both MP3 creations and data cd creations... no luck at all. All CD's created will play back on any of the computers in the house... just not on this Teac mini stereo CD-X10I with CD player I bought at Costco. It also has an IPOD cradle to hook up to the unit.  Of course Costco products model #'s never seem to be on the manufactuers website, so I can't look there for help.

Any suggestions????

Thanks in advance !!!

SithTracy -> RE: Burning MP3 to disk problem (12/10/2006 8:32:22 PM)

Couple of questions, are you closing the disc on the burn and what kind of media are you recording to?  I'm not familiar with Roxio software anymore but it must have similar options to Nero.  Also, after you burn the disc, is it accessible through your Windows OS (i.e can it be read on the same system that burned it)?

Toetag -> RE: Burning MP3 to disk problem (12/11/2006 10:50:55 PM)

I've tried numerous  brands cd-r's... samsung, memorex, maxell,  TDK., and recoreded them at different rates 4 x and 8 X. They all  play back fine on either of my laptops and the desktop. I also found out that all the  MP3 cd's I created will play fine on my Panasonic DVR recorder, which also says it plays MP3 cd-r's.  I am thinking now that it may actually be the Teac CD player. Even though is says it plays MP3's. Rather than the first thought in that I was messing up making MP3's  and they were not right, I have concluded  it most likely is the Teac unit.. I think I just got a a bad unit from Teac, or maybe, their CD player is real picky on playing cd-r with MP3's.  I have heard that some cd players that say thge play MP3 cd's can be real fussy.  

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