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ariox -> Problem with nec 6500a (11/14/2006 10:52:19 AM)

i have upgrade my nec 6500a to 4.24 an now my laptop{ibm thinkpad 1200 series i} dont even start...if i connect the dvd to anoter laptop{ibm thinkpad t23} it is workink perfect..what can i do?

tqhoang -> RE: Problem with nec 6500a (11/14/2006 12:21:03 PM)

Sounds like your laptop requires the "master" bootcode & firmware.  These are the 2.xx series of firmwares...the 4.xx series are for slave bootcode & firmware.

For more info on this, you should visit this page.  Liggy has a lot of tools (some home-grown and others from NEC) to switch between master & slave bootcodes and firmwares.  To switch it from slave to master bootcode, you will likely need to purchase a slimline IDE adapter (tons of these on eBay) and connect it to a desktop.

If you don't have a desktop PC around, then you can try the following:
- make a DOS boot floppy with USB support or boot directly to a DOS USB stick
- copy the extracted DOS master (aka Normal ATA) bootcode flasher to the USB stick
- remove your laptop hard drive
- boot to DOS and run the bootcode flasher off the USB stick
- shutdown and reconnect the laptop hard drive
- on boot up the NEC drive will have the light blinking (it's in safe-mode...basically no firmware)
- boot into Windows and flash the firmware using Binflash to any master firmware (2.xx series)
- FWIW, the latest ND-6500 firmware is the Dell 203d (look at the writing strategy dates)

ariox -> RE: Problem with nec 6500a (11/15/2006 8:13:41 AM)

i don't have dos acces nether a desktop pc...can i use mtkwinflash with same bin file to restore the old firmware? mtkwinflash can see it like _NEC    DVD+-RW ND-6500A(4) but windows cannot see it at all

ariox -> RE: Problem with nec 6500a (11/15/2006 12:11:25 PM)

ok i have fix the problem but now bios shows an error message like:
050 IDE primary master drive error
006 equipment configuration error
laptop is a ibm think pad i series 1200
hdd is slave 15gb

tqhoang -> RE: Problem with nec 6500a (11/15/2006 7:10:24 PM)

Ok sorry, but I thought you were getting this error in the beginning.  This error means that whichever bootcode you have flashed to the drive is the opposite of what you need.

Can you be a little more descriptive with what you did?  If you flashed the master bootcode, then flash it with a slave bootcode...or vice versa.
Then flash the appropriate firmware series...2.xx for master and 4.xx for slave...I suggest the Dell 203d or 403d since they were the latest firmwares.

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