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DjiXas -> Fanless PSU (10/6/2006 5:53:31 AM)

My current psu with cooler is terrible now, extreme loud noise so I decided to replace ith with fanless psu, can anyone recommend me any? 350W, price is actually not matter as long as it's not "Crazy".

SithTracy -> RE: Fanless PSU (10/6/2006 7:43:59 AM)

Here is a 500w one, the Antec Phantom 500.

Antec and Enermax are the only PSU's I would ever consider.

DjiXas -> RE: Fanless PSU (10/6/2006 2:53:01 PM)

One shop dont have that one, but got only this:

Fortron Zen 300W ATX12V v2.0 (FANLESS, Real
no-noise design,

ever heard about it?

SithTracy -> RE: Fanless PSU (10/6/2006 5:33:19 PM)

Never heard of it and because it does not have Enermax or Antec on the side of it, you'll get what you pay for.  I'd need to see some extensive review and here from people that I know that have experienced them before I would consider it.

Not sure why fanless is what you are looking for, my Antec Neo does have a fan, but it is 120mm and only kicks on when needed... it is very quiet.  Watercooling are you???

DjiXas -> RE: Fanless PSU (10/6/2006 5:57:43 PM)

I'm thinking to buy watercooling for cpu too, any recommendations? :)

I want to make it as silent as possible.

SithTracy -> RE: Fanless PSU (10/9/2006 11:24:19 PM)

Sorry, can't help you there... I'm interested, but just don't have the time to do it... You may want to check with for tips... they have pretty good forums there.

alexmacris -> RE: Fanless PSU (10/12/2006 6:33:31 AM)

Fanless PSU? I think this is some hard, maybe you can use a quality PSU like OCZ or Evermax

DjiXas -> RE: Fanless PSU (10/19/2006 3:57:44 AM)

So far saw Spire CF200-NEB AtlanticWave only...

Well I'm tired of noise so want to get rid of it :)

alexmacris -> RE: Fanless PSU (11/13/2006 7:27:07 AM)

i think there are some fanless PSU but haven't used any of them

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