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Zebadee -> NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (5/30/2006 2:52:31 PM)

Hi [:)]
BenQ surprises once again, However unless your going all out DL (or already virtually DL only), This upgrade won't do much for you. In fact early indications suggest stick with what you've got.

"Release Reason:
Improve the writing quality for Double Layer Disc "

SithTracy -> RE: NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (5/30/2006 10:28:31 PM)

Amazing!  We are in the 11th hour before LITE-ON takes over BenQ ODD and we get another firmware for the BenQ DW1640.  I might have to suggest a Bud-light "Real Men of Genius" commercial.... Here's to you Mr. Firmware Developer, you'll probably get fired tomorrow, but your product will be remembered... Until something better comes along![:D]

MP3Mogul -> RE: NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (5/31/2006 6:43:43 PM)

I much agree!  I appreciate the updates, especially for a drive that has been around this long....

Dartman -> RE: NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (6/3/2006 1:12:32 AM)

So far hasn't helped the crap Memorex RitekD01 media I have, will have to try a Verbatim and see how it does. If my pickiest player can't read em I figure it's bad no matter how well it tests.

SithTracy -> RE: NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (6/3/2006 12:56:45 PM)

With optical drives so cheap now... you can get a drive for a little bit more than you spend on a spindle of media...  Might be worth a shot for you to get a different drive that is compatible with your media... or buy better media.  Memorex does not make good media... RiData is below average in quality.  Sometimes you get lucky with it and I've had some decent RiData discs, but I still don't burn anything on them I would be upset about losing.

Dartman -> RE: NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (6/3/2006 1:12:11 PM)

Thanks, I know they are bad, I have 5 drives right now and the best one for DL is the pioneer 111 I have. For everything else my favorites are the BenQ's , but they just don't do Dual layer as well as the NEC chipped Pioneer drives do. I don't use the Ritek for much more then testing or giveaways now and I got it real cheap at the time. The 111 can make copies that play in my picky player with them, so far the various BenQ's here can't, and that also goes for the good Verbatim media I have so I just did one of those and will check it today to see if it works better now.

SithTracy -> RE: NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (6/3/2006 1:36:46 PM)

Just curious, do you have BenQ Qsuite installed?  Make sure Solid Burn and WOPC are on...

Dartman -> RE: NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (6/3/2006 1:51:10 PM)

Yep, I sure do and leave everything on. Well the good Verbatim disk just played fine so I would say it is a improvement, and it was burned at 8x too [:D] My 1655 still refuse to burn those faster then 2.4 even though 1640 and 111 both do 8x with now good results. If they can get the Ritek to burn well someday they'll be equal with the 111 except for the RAM and like that.

Zebadee -> RE: NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (6/3/2006 2:22:16 PM)

Hi [:)]
So as not to confuse. SolidBurn does not work when using DL.
DL is restricted to 2.4x by the current f/w for both 1650/1655.

Dartman -> RE: NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (6/3/2006 2:29:32 PM)

Yep on the 1655 it is for the Verbatim but the 1640 always could do 8x with it, it just wasn't as good a burn as my 111 can do at the same speed. You can play with strat swaps and make a 1655 do it but I haven't bothered with all the drives in here, something always works.
Anyways the new FW seems to  be a big improvement for the quality Verbatim stuff in the 1640, the Ritek hasn't changed but as we all said it's pretty nasty stuff anyways so who knows if they tried to improve it.
It's too bad Solid Burn doesn't work with DL, it might help. Probably some technical reason for it...

jomuir -> RE: NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (7/27/2006 9:00:28 AM)

So are we best remaining on the Firmware ( BSQB )? Or best going for the latest?

I have just looked and I am still on BSMB, so was about to update it, when I thought I would look through the forum first of all.

Zebadee -> RE: NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (7/27/2006 2:43:45 PM)

Hi [:)]
BSLB/BSMB are probably the most used. If using mainly/only +media then stick with these. BSOB/BSRB by comparison favour - media. But as everybodies setup is different, then the only true answer is to try it for yourself. I would suggest that unless your not getting the results you expected, to stick witn BSMB,

jomuir -> RE: NEW f/w BSQB 1640 (8/1/2006 3:42:16 AM)

I am happy with the way my burner is currently I will remain on BSMB for the time being.

Thanks for the info on the new firmwares (I tend to use only + media) Once I have used all my media up I might change to -media as lot of other systems tend to work better with - media

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