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googull -> ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Sizzle! (5/14/2006 11:55:48 PM)

My ASUS A8N-SLI Premium seems to run HOT - though I am not sure what HOT is supposed to be.  The NForce Monitor screams but I am not sure it understands the ASUS cool pipe.  Anyway I get MB temps up as high as 48C-52C and CPU as high as 54C.  If I take the side of the chassis off the System temp drops to 42C.  I shut off the Q-FAN bios settings to make sure that fans all run at 100%.  Also not overclocking and did not install the Cool and Quiet software figuring it would only slow fans down.  What are the safe temp ranges for this MB and CPU (AMD Athlong 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+ ? 

Antonio -> RE: ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Sizzle! (5/15/2006 1:18:58 AM)

Don't forget that the tempratures are highly affected from the room temprature. In a warm room without ventilation it is rather difficult to keep your system cool, unless you spend some extra money on this.
Your case' airflow is responsible for that the high tempratures you get, do you have any fans on the case? Do you also have any fanless/silent VGA card?

I have a great CPU cooler for my AMD 4200+ X2 and it runs at 20~25C. My system is close to 35~40C. All this when the room temprature is close to 22C.

When you remove the side panel the temprature in your case is decreased, that's normal there is more air.
I have also the Q-Fan disabled, I don't need the fans to run at 100%, there is a lot of noise this way.

You can install a better cooler for your AMD from Arctic Cooling or Thermaltake while two fans on the case would be great, one in the front to blow air inside and one on the back to take the air out of the case.

googull -> RE: ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Sizzle! (5/19/2006 11:44:11 AM)

Thanks for reply Antonio - that's the shock of it - I have two fans in front of the case pulling air across a bank of 6 drives which is  controlled by a 3-setting switch - I have it on hight but they do not seem to generate much air flow and of course after air passes over drivers it is heated.  I also have two fans in the back of the case to vent hot air. I have them wired to the motherboard for monitor and control. The SLI graphics adapter (Matrox has it's own small fan.  The cabinet is full sized tower so there is lots of space between components.

So does Q-FAN speed up your fan speed - In my case I've tried running all fans at 100% and it still doesn't do much to lower temps when CPU is in full use.  CPU fan keeps it fine but MB temp just keeps creeping up to low 50C range.  I am doubting now the effectiveness of this cool-pipe.

SithTracy -> RE: ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Sizzle! (5/19/2006 12:08:27 PM)

What kind of case do you have and what kind/size of fans?  I don't have the Premium board, but I do have the deluxe.  I do overclock my Toledo X2 3800+, but my system is around 40C... and that is with the stock cooler.

googull -> RE: ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Sizzle! (5/19/2006 12:39:29 PM)

Case is a  Lian-Li brushed aluminum tower - not sure of model.  Does not have any of the fancy air scoops that some of the newer cases have.

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