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djvikkid -> DVR-K12D Firmware update (5/4/2006 12:18:29 PM)


Looking for firmware update on the drive mentioned above! been 2 years now i guess n still no luck!

my drive specs are...

Toshiba Pioneer DVR-K12D (OEM) i tried asking toshiba for help but they dont seem to get wht im saying...

OD on loaded on laptop : Windows XP Home  Edition with SP2

drive currently only writes CD-Rs n CD-RWs at 4x.. on nero 7 it gives an error first saying cannot write at 8x then goes to 4x n writes...

cannot write DVDs wht so ever :(

reads DVDs also really slow!!!

Laptop used : Toshiba Satellite a45-s250

please help been searching for the firmware update for the sony oem drives(DVR-K12D) 1.10 or 1.05 is out i guess...

i hope soemthings out there or someones out there to help me !!!


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djvikkid -> RE: DVR-K12D Firmware update (5/5/2006 9:07:42 AM)

thanks Minos... even i had contacted pioneer before but had no luck they also told me to contact toshiba ..

as then wht i did next... toshiba only kept replacing the drive for me till the warranty was ON... so like they replaced first 2 drives of the same name n same model /....etc and i told them tht it wud conk off again! they said if it does get it back we will see wht we can do ... and then they tried using another DVD Multilayer drive and tht didnt get detected nor worked on the system! so instead they got a new pioneer DVR-K12D drive again and installed it which workd for few months n then died off again! 

man toshiba doest help much ... n am confused now since it only write CDs @ 4x and doesnt write DVDs anyways if some other solution comes up please do keep me informed!!!

thanks a million!


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djvikkid -> RE: DVR-K12D Firmware update (5/10/2006 5:10:36 AM)

hey minos..

thanks for the reply man just tied up out here... well really glad to know u got some contacts in toshiba... i hope u find the firmware.... thanks again man :)


djvikkid -> RE: DVR-K12D Firmware update (7/20/2006 1:33:51 PM)

Hi there...

well minos u dissappeared .... ummm i tried finding or the DVD Firmware again n still not able to get it i cant find any proper link still... nor is toshiba replying... they just washing hands of my case! some one please help me out...

waiting n frustrated.... :(

no help from anywhere!!!


alexmacris -> RE: DVR-K12D Firmware update (7/22/2006 5:55:03 AM)

hi friend! have you tried to contact Toshiba? or have you looked over

djvikkid -> RE: DVR-K12D Firmware update (7/22/2006 8:02:20 AM)

alex thanks for ur reply... have u read the whole post b4 posting? plz do tht dont just msg in to increase ur rating :) thankyou 

alexmacris -> RE: DVR-K12D Firmware update (7/26/2006 4:01:43 AM)

Hi friend! You are right i didn't read the entire post, was too big for me. Now i see that you need some answer from Toshiba, Pioneer cannot help much

menothere -> RE: DVR-K12D Firmware update (8/12/2006 9:24:00 PM)

I think I found your solution.  I have been working on a friend's Toshiba P25-S520 with the Pioneer DVR-K12D.  She was having problem with Windows Media Player detecting the drive to burn music.

I was reading in another forum about several people with the same problem as you.  This is what they did to fix it:
Go into device manager and remove the Primary and Secondary channel for IDE.
Remove the Controller.
Reboot so Windows detects them.
Reboot again so Windows can enable them.
(link to site where I found this..  posted by antonis333)

I did this and now WMP detects the drive.  Did not try to burn with Nero, but when WMP burned it did not seem like it was burning at 4x.  The speed was more like 16x.

Hope this helps.

djvikkid -> RE: DVR-K12D Firmware update (9/6/2006 7:49:03 AM)

i just got info from some other forum sites.... tht the firmware is out... for the toshiba OEM drives of Pioneer DVR-K12D... n the version is 1.15 not 1.10 as for sony oem drives...

the thng is they also dont have much info on where to download it from ... please help if possible....

alexmacris -> RE: DVR-K12D Firmware update (9/12/2006 5:42:27 AM)

Hi friend! Are you sure that even you find that firmware, you would be able to install it at your drive? Firmware loaders usually check for the ID of the system and if found other than the appropriate will not allow the upgrade

djvikkid -> RE: DVR-K12D Firmware update (9/13/2006 3:08:17 AM)

well i been waiting now like 2 years or more...  so since i waited this long... theres no harm in trying to install it ... yeah i know abt the drive thing once wrong thingy installed it wont work again n stuff... but if its out no harm in trying when u have waiting for so long... if it doesnt work will put a new one but till then need to spare time to experiment... n recomment everyone around not to buy the toshiba laptops which come with the Pioneer DVD RW drive ( DVR-K12D) or best dont buy a toshiba laptop itself!!!!

buy anything else but not Toshiba!!! Service is sad!!! they can never help out! when u call them.... even on a manufacturing defect!

if any1 does find the firmware download link please to pass in the info here too.... thankyou :)

cheers... peace... am outta here :)

shillingmm -> RE: DVR-K12D Firmware update (9/21/2006 4:47:29 PM)

I also have a Toshiba notebook.  I was reading your problems with burning cd's/dvd's.  It looks like it writes the whole thing then aborts at the end and the disk is unreadable.  I found another link (sorry, but I lost it now) that talked about power problems when writing.  I disconnected all my other devices connected to my UBS ports and turned off my wireless connection.  Then I was able to burn my cd's without a problem.  I'm not sure which of these devices is the problem, but I'm convinced that it is working for me.  Hope it works for you.

alexmacris -> RE: DVR-K12D Firmware update (9/22/2006 4:04:02 AM)

hi friend! strange problems you describe, have you tried to work from battery or disconnect all external devices to see if thats the problem? I find hard to believe that Toshiba has bulked a recorder that doesn't work, at least at lower speeds (4x) with good media

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