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scfryer -> problems with Yamaha 4416s abd XP (3/8/2004 4:02:00 PM)

I have helped a friend upgrade to Windows XP Pro. It's a fresh installation an a new 40Gb Maxtor HDD. He has an early AMD 2000 cpu with 512Mb ram. His Yamaha 4416s is plugged into an adaptec card (2940 from memory). He can't burn CDs and when you look into the system settings, or open 'My Computer' you can see 8 (eight) 'copies' of the yamaha listed, all with different drive letters! If you put in a CD, it is registered eight times and you can play it by clicking on any of the drive letters in 'My Computer'!

I have looked on the Microsoft site and done an Internet search but nobody seems to have had this problem before.

Anyone got any ideas????


Jimmys -> RE: problems with Yamaha 4416s abd XP (3/8/2004 4:15:42 PM)

In my opinion you are a lucky person
Without spenting any money you have seven new devices!!!

Deleted User_ -> [Deleted] (3/8/2004 4:41:17 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

G. M. -> RE: problems with Yamaha 4416s abd XP (3/8/2004 7:15:52 PM)

Can you go back into Properties and uninstall "all" the drives? You might want to leave one. May be best to do it while booting in the Safe Mode (F8) too. Windows XP should find the one drive on the next boot and all others should be gone, unless he has done some funny partitioning (which I always have had problems with and don't do anymore 'cause once the drive's FAT is messed up, it is pretty much over and a nightmare to get working again).

Just a thought....

G. M.

scfryer -> RE: problems with Yamaha 4416s abd XP (3/9/2004 12:42:24 AM)

Tried uninstalling all but one, but they all came right back again! No funny partitions, There is a win98 drive as drive D but this problem started before that was hooked up. I did the XP Pro install with one single new drive but used FAT32.

G. M. -> RE: problems with Yamaha 4416s abd XP (3/9/2004 4:37:13 AM)

Is the D: Drive set up with the correct jumper setting (i.e Slave)? I did something similar going from Win 98SE to XP. Try leaving the D: drive out and installing XP on the C: drive in NTFS mode. If that works and no other weird drives show up, you can install the D: drive (leave it as FAT32) and boot and see what happens. Somewhere down the line I converted the D: drive to NTFS as well but I did a backup to an external USB 2.0 drive prior to the conversion.

dburg -> RE: problems with Yamaha 4416s abd XP (3/11/2004 4:53:59 PM)

IMHO it looks like this discussion is not in the right part of the forum. It does not seem to be related to packet writing. Maybe a moderator can move it to the right place?

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