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xbill -> bad burn? (3/23/2006 5:03:39 PM)

can any one explane way the lines are so jagged and what it means.I usedritek 16x media ,burned at 12x used liton 1635s any info on this would help. THANKS  


xbill -> RE: bad burn? (3/26/2006 12:58:50 PM)

Is there out there that knows how to read this graph,or did i post it in the wrong forum?

Antonio -> RE: bad burn? (3/27/2006 12:20:57 AM)

It seems that the burning quality is not the best you can have. Until the 3.0Gb is ok but after this, due to the high reading speed, the speed had to be decreased.
Normally if the quality was excellent you would have a smooth reading line all the way.
What media and at which speed did you burn?

emperor -> RE: bad burn? (3/27/2006 3:35:50 AM)

you can always try to update your drive's firmware, use other media or lower your burning speed

xbill -> RE: bad burn? (3/27/2006 9:58:57 AM)

Burned@ 12X on ritek ro3 thanks for the reply.I'll try 8 x on next burn.

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