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major9686 -> Question about 6800GS ! (2/8/2006 4:13:58 PM)

I wanna get the 6800GS card but Ive got some questions ..
In some sites it says it has no VIVO ..
and on some other it says it has Video In / Video Out ...
and some says it has a HDTV Cable with video in ability or something like that ...

can you help me ? if u happen to have this card ..
I need some1 to shed some light into this subject [image][/image]

thx in advance !

This says about the eVGA that it has VIVO :

This says about the Gil Forsa that it has Video In \ Video Out :

The GigaByte says it doesnt have VIVO :

Antonio -> RE: Question about 6800GS ! (2/9/2006 8:11:21 AM)

I have an 7800GTX.

What connections do you need?

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (2/9/2006 8:13:10 AM)

[Deleted by Admins]

SiliconFreak -> RE: Question about 6800GS ! (2/9/2006 10:46:31 AM)

Still hunting for Graphics Cards, major9686....[8D][:D][:)]

So to answer your question...[;)]

Nvidia 6800GS DOESNT HAVE VIVO! Period![8D]

Avault site made a mistake....cause thats "an ordinary" TV out connector...[;)]
Secondly...I havent found nothing about VIVO @ geniman!? Only DVO....and thats not VIVO! [:D]
And Gigabyte is VIVO for 6800GS....[;)]

Anything else? [8D]

I told you....go for X1900XTX...or even better A-I-W 1900 (if you wanna do some serious video editing[:)])....and you will have all goodies you ever dreamt of....[8D][:D]

Good luck....[;)]

major9686 -> RE: Question about 6800GS ! (2/9/2006 12:14:53 PM)

well ..
after readin what u had to say ..
I dont know what to say ..
the x1900 cost here between 840$ from the cheapest up to about 900$+
so its not even an option !!!
and god damn it .. even my old gf4 4200 had vivo ..

for the one who asked .. I have PCIe ..
and now that the 6800GS is clearly out of the question .. and the 7800 and 1800-1900 are too expensive ..
and the 1300-1600 and the 7300 just sux ..
I will have to wait for the 7600 GS\GT ...

Antonio -> RE: Question about 6800GS ! (2/9/2006 12:29:16 PM)

What about an 7800GT? I think this is a good combination of price and performance.

major9686 -> RE: Question about 6800GS ! (2/9/2006 3:08:30 PM)



What about an 7800GT? I think this is a good combination of price and performance.

I think that the upcoming 7600GS\GT is my best safest bet .. since it will have to be cheaper than the 7800 ... more expensive than the 6800GS ..
and it will surely will have vivo ..

SiliconFreak -> RE: Question about 6800GS ! (2/10/2006 3:44:31 AM)

Hahaha...seems like neverending story for you major9686...all this graphics card buying....[:D][:)]

Look....I remember you said that are very expensive in Israel....BUT...why dont you order it from abroad? Because X1900 ranges from approx. $ you could get almost 2 of them for what it costs in your country....[;)] And I am almost certain that 6800GS/GT or even 7600GS/GT will cost (in Israel) more than X1900 series in other countries. And they will still be slower and everything than X1900....[:)]

I found 2 sites in 5 mins (and there are many more that ship worldwide if only you are polite enough [:D]) take a look here (X1900 AIW for $502.99) and here (X1900 AIW for only $465.99!)... Their shipping policy says that you need to call them for international shipping info....and if i remember correctly you said you have some relative in USA or he can call them (if its too expensive to call from Israel) and order the card with your shipping info...and it comes....brand new sexy baby knocking on your door in Israel...[:D][;)]

Finally....I doubt your GeForce 4 4200 had VIVO! It has DVI and D-SUB connectors plus TV-out (S-VHS) connector....and that should be it....[;)] The point is that VIVO (video-in-video-out) also features Video Input not just output (AIW,9550,X850,X1800 and X1900 are some of such cards - most of other Radeons only have video out - dont know for exact info for Nvidia, but the story is more or less the same)...[;)] And I also doubt that 7600 series will have VIVO!? Anyway....if i may ask....are you up to editing video or something? Cause I cant see any reason why you need it so much otherwise? If you need video input option (to capture something from your video or tv or anything) should rather buy some cheap tv-tuner card for few $$$...[;)]


EDIT : Some 4200 cards also had VIVO yes....but NOT ALL!....just some of if you had must be lucky enough to get one of such cards....[:)] Maybe Nvidia will read all this and include it in 7600 also...JUST 4 U ! [;)]  Good luck![;)]

major9686 -> RE: Question about 6800GS ! (2/10/2006 5:44:51 AM)

Yeah ... my older card had vivo ..

Leadtek GF4 4200 Ti 128MB TDH MyVIVO AGPx4 (bought it 2 weeks before the x8 was out) or something like that ...

well .. anyways .. my relatives in the US sux .. I hate them ...
and I wont trust them to tell me where the bathroom is and where to pee ...
U got no idea how much I hate those basterds ..

and back to topic ..
Im not a fan of usin' my credit card online .. or get something that expensive from abroad .. with my luck I will get some messed up card .. or not the right one ..
I prefer to see what Im gettin' when Im goin' to get it .. at the shop ..

Graphics Card Requirements Windows Vista doesn't have official minimum system requirements yet, but Microsoft has recommended at least 512MB of memory, a "modern" Intel or AMD processor, and a DirectX 9.0 graphics card for the current Windows Vista Beta 1. You'll need to have the right hardware to get the Windows Vista experience you see in all the pretty screenshots. Yes, your system can run Vista if you don't have a DirectX 9.0 card, but you won't be able to enjoy the full Aero desktop effect because the system will default back to 2D mode. You can't have just any DX9-compatible card either. According to Andrew Dodd, product manager for ATI's software group, the quality of the graphics card can impact the performance of the Aero desktop because it's now just like any other 3D application. Using a new Windows Vista driver from ATI, we tested a handful of ATI DX9 video cards on Windows Vista to see if we could get the system to lag on the desktop. Our 256MB Radeon X1900 XTX and Radeon X850PE cards performed flawlessly when we dragged a window over 10 open Internet Explorer windows. Our 128MB Radeon X300 SE showed some slight hitching when we got up over seven windows, but we had to frantically whip around the mouse to make it noticeable--we wouldn't have seen any signs of strain with normal usage. Current discrete DirectX 9.0 video cards should be able to handle Aero without a problem. If you're thinking about upgrading your video card for Windows Vista, consider waiting a little while for ATI and Nvidia to release their DirectX 10 graphics cards. DirectX 9.0 cards will work great on the desktop and in legacy DX9 games, but you'll need DirectX 10 hardware for advanced Windows Vista games. Keep your eyes open for more Windows Vista coverage!

after reading that ..

maybe I will get an x800gt\o or normal 6800 in quite cheap price ..

SiliconFreak -> RE: Question about 6800GS ! (2/10/2006 7:02:32 AM) whatever suits you best....finally...both cards you listed are also reasonable choice....maybe i would go for 6800 then....but x800 is also on almost same again its up to you....[;)]

And dont worry too much about Vista's requirements....any mid-level card will run just fine on it...(i dont trust M$ too much - afterall...they just wanna sell their products and advertise their partners (most expensive) products...its all about money,shares and profits...[8D])....[;)]

Have a nice weekend....bye.

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