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major9686 -> Next line of cards .. date ? (1/8/2006 9:58:12 AM)

any1 knows when Ati and Nvidia are goin' to release the next line of cards ?
and what are goin' to be their name ?

thx in advance .. I cant believe I managed to hang on so long without a gpu ..

SithTracy -> RE: Next line of cards .. date ? (1/8/2006 12:40:25 PM)

Bookmark the following sites to get a heads up on what is coming:

I think CDFreaks and CDRinfo are also keeping tabs on this news... A few years ago, I might have suggested checking Tom's Hardware (, but that has been very disappointing the last few years.

major9686 -> RE: Next line of cards .. date ? (1/9/2006 11:46:56 PM)

well .. I know that ati is releasin' x1900 on jan.24th ...
the question is .. are they goin to release also a x1700 ? for the mid-range buyer ?

and for Nvidia .. are they goin to release 7600 and 7200 for the pc ? cause Ive only seen info about the GO family for laptops ..

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