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ModFreak -> How to install DMS4 Modchip and PS2 HDD (1/3/2006 6:05:36 AM)

Many Play Station 2 gamers out there would wonder, how is possible to install a Modchip or what Modchip is more suitable for their needs. An answer to their question is from the legendary DMS, which it has entered to its fourth generation of product line. DMS had brought much innovation with the first flash based and upgradeable Modchips via CD and now with the DMS 4 E.Z.I PRO Modchip opens a whole new era in the evolution of Modchips. DMS 4 E.Z.I PRO is solderless and is not only able to boot "homebrew" applications (.ELF code) but it can also boot PS2 or PSX back-ups.



DMS on their website informs us that the chip only boots "homebrew" applications but with the use of a Third Party flash upgrade called ToxicOS, the chip is able to boot PS2 games not only from optical discs but also directly from a HDD. So you do not need to buy HDloader or HDAdvance.


Games that are played on the hard disc not only are loading faster but in some cases their having better graphics. I have tried the L.A Rush either on DVD or HDD and the picture was far more clear on the HDD. Also for more sharp picture I recommend to use the Joytech Digital AV Cable Pack.


ModFreak -> RE: How to install DMS4 Modchip and PS2 HDD (1/3/2006 6:07:46 AM)

A Network Adapter is needed in order to install a HDD on your PS2. However only Maxtor and Seagate HDDs are able to be connected on the apapter. Although you can just unscrew the Adapter and install a Western Digital HDD. A guite to unscrew the Adapter is here. Do not forget to set the HDD as Master.



Unfortunately the solderless version of DMS 4 E.Z.I PRO Modchip can only be installed on V5-V11 PS2, which means that if you have the slim version you cannot install the solderless version but you can always install a soldering version of DMD4. If you wonder what version you have, you can take a look on the following tables but first you have to know the model number "SCPH", the "GH" of your main board and the "Date Code".

"SCPH" and "Date Code" can be found on the back side of your Play Station 2.



ModFreak -> RE: How to install DMS4 Modchip and PS2 HDD (1/3/2006 6:09:47 AM)

"GH" is printed on the main board, which means that to have to open the Play Station 2 and break the warranty..




Now knowing the version of your PS2 you can proceed with the installation of the DMS E.Z.I. PRO. I strongly recommend to read the manual that DMS offers, which can be found here: When you read it you will notice that the V9 and V10 PS2 sometimes have problems with the laser. So in order not to burn the laser you have to apply the "romeo" mod In my case I had installed the chip on a V7 PS2 and the "romeo" mod was not required. A tip here is if you do not want to apply the "romeo" mod you can play the PS2 games from the HDD so no laser is needed.[sm=3.gif]


ModFreak -> RE: How to install DMS4 Modchip and PS2 HDD (1/3/2006 6:12:22 AM)

Nevertheless afer the installation of DMS 4 E.Z.I PRO you should have something like this.





ModFreak -> RE: How to install DMS4 Modchip and PS2 HDD (1/3/2006 6:13:38 AM)

It is time now to upgrade the chip but first you must check if the chip is connected properly, one way to identify this is to press the square or L1 button while PS2 is loading (before the clouds) and hopefully you will see a message that the DMS4 is disabled.


When you see that message turn off the console and go to the Toxic team site and download the latest ToxicOS, burn it on a CD with your favorite burning program and boot it on the PS2.


When the upgrade is competed restart the console and press the square button all the time until the ToxicOS logo appears on the screen.
If you want every time to boot your PS2 with the ToxicOS, just select settings and on default Boot Mode select ToxicOS.



ModFreak -> RE: How to install DMS4 Modchip and PS2 HDD (1/3/2006 6:15:51 AM)

Select HDD games and if the HDD is unformatted you will be asked to format it. Once the format is done, you will be able to install and play games.


In order not to harm the laser of the console, especially if you are an owner of V9 or V10 (see "romeo" mod), by installing games directly from the PS2 drive, you can connect the PS2 HDD on the PC and with an easy to use program called WinHIIP you are able to install games on the HDD.



Try to install some games and check if they boot. If you see a "black screen" and the game is not loading, just change the compatibility mode.Compatibility modes solve most of the games that don't work. These modes fix the most common issues, ensuring that most of the games will work. You can change the compatibility mode either in the WinHIIP or in the ToxicOS.


Note that most of the games do not require a selected "compatibility mode". So change the mode only in games that they do not work. If you try the 3 different modes and the game is still not loading, then you are out of luck, and it means that the game is not supported by the ToxicOS. In that case you have to use your original PS2 disc or a DVD/CD back-up.
Finally for those who have selected to boot their console with the ToxicOS and they want to boot on the default PS2 menu, they can just press the triangle when the PS2 is booting.

emperor -> RE: How to install DMS4 Modchip and PS2 HDD (1/5/2006 3:43:41 AM)

good information modfreak [;)]

Clint -> RE: How to install DMS4 Modchip and PS2 HDD (2/6/2006 4:01:26 PM)

New TOXIC OS v0.41 @ Many improvements/fixes, see the site for download/changelog. I love DMS4 PRO [:D]

ModFreak -> RE: How to install DMS4 Modchip and PS2 HDD (2/7/2006 8:40:09 AM)

WOW!!![sm=12.gif] At last they released the new version.!! 
It can also be found here:

Quoted from the Team Toxic Website:


After months of development and testing we are pleased to announce the release of ToxicOS 0.4! This long awaited release introduces a number of impressive new features:
  • Integrated cheat device added, now you can use cheats even while playing games from the HDD.
  • Support for launching homebrew ELF files stored on any supported storage medium.
  • Addition of the Dev.olution Flash boot mode. This allows you to copy an ELF file of your choice to the DMS4 flash and have this ELF loaded when your console boots by either holding R2 or setting the default boot mode.
  • Support for selecting your own wallpaper for the ToxicOS GUI.
  • Common file browser has been added and is used in several places to select files, ie selecting wallpaper, selecting devolution ELF. The file browser supports several storage mediums including memory card, cdrom, HDD and usb mass storage.
  • Diagnostic screens displaying HDD and system information.
  • Compatibility fixes for playing games from the HDD have been included. Games such as Jak X, Shadow Of The Colossus are now supported.
  • Support for DMS4 S.E. series modchips
  • Support for the V14 console
  • Many other miscellaneous changes and fixes.

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