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aido -> Yamaha CDR-HD1300 HD1500 HD100 etc (12/9/2005 9:56:31 PM)


Being the proud owners of the HD1300/1500's I wonder if I could ask you a couple of questions?

I have owned a 1300 for sometime now and am very very happy with the machine.

I have been hunting around trying to find if anyone has had any success in installing a larger HD in a 1300, as I understand that the firmware prevents any drives larger than 135Gig being installed. That is to say a 200Gig drive will still only be recognised as a 135.

As I understand it there IS some firmware available, but Yamaha do not give this out to the general public.

Now I see that a HD1500 has been released, so I'm wondering if an HD drive that has been formatted by the 1500 (say 250Gig) would work to full capacity in a 1300, and not be limited to 135Gig???

Or indeed, where to get the firmware?

Your thoughts??



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