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bukzor -> Firmware revival on an Artec drive (11/10/2005 9:23:58 AM)

I was upgrading the firmware on my Artec WRA-WA48 drive, but sadly the program hung halfway through, resulting in a dead drive. Here are the steps I took to revive the drive without sending it back to the manufacturer:

1. I created a DOS boot-disk and added the mtkFlash Tool v1.55 (instructions) and the Artec Firmware File.

2. At this point I powered down the sytesm and unconnected the power from my other drives to prevent flashing the wrong drive, it also helps when trying to figure out where exactly your drive is connected (watching the boot screen).

3. I booted to DOS and ran the command "mtkflash.exe 2 R 32a_101.bin." The '2' because my drive was connected as Primary Slave, and the '32a_101.bin' was the name of my firmware file. The program hung and I eventually had to press Ctrl-C to kill it.

4. This did not completely fix the problem, but allowed the drive to be recognised as "Ricoh MMP3EH Firmwareloader2," which was enough to try the flash again.

5. I rebooted to Windows and used the Ricoh Firmware Loader Tool along with the Artec Firmware File to successfully flash the drive.

6. I powered down the system for 10 seconds and rebooted. The drive was A-OK.

I hope this helps someone. Please post if this works for you or if you have a more straightforward procedure.

Antonio -> RE: Firmware revival on an Artec drive (11/10/2005 12:04:31 PM)

This is a very nice post, well done Mate and welcome to this forum![:)]

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