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punter -> ipv4...ipv6? (9/22/2005 6:31:28 AM)

can some one help me out with the terms ipv4 .. ipv6 and whats it all about

MP3Mogul -> RE: ipv4...ipv6? (9/22/2005 6:53:05 AM)

This is Internet Protocol Version.  You can read about it here:  http://www.ipv6.org/

kiranck007 -> RE: ipv4...ipv6? (9/22/2005 7:11:07 AM)

see the two are different technologies . ipv4 supports 32 bit addressing scheme to address a computer on an internet while ipv6 supports 128 bit addressing scheme. the need for ipv6 is because of the explosive growth of internet usage not only by computers , but also by mobile phone ,pdas , printers, etc....... the link mentioned in the above message is a good source relating to ipv6.

misternilon -> RE: ipv4...ipv6? (6/12/2007 5:19:19 AM)

iPV4 is dying

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