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The firmware seems not to be from NEC, however the drive is a NEC 4550. I am pretty sure that you can crossflash it with a NEC firmware. the 1.07.

I heard it´s a 3550, no DVD-RAM

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You reviewed the 111D, do you have a 111 with DVD-RAM-Write, too?

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Yeah, i saw some scans from very good burns with a 111, so i was a bit disappointed about the 111D DVD-R-quality

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Wow, Pioneer is fast!!![;)]

A new firmware is already available so the tests about the DVR-111 has already been started.[:)][;)]

Yeah, nice to hear [:)]

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Sony DW-G120A-Review

Some Pics are defect on this page:

Overall bad writing-quality, like I expect from Liteon-based-drives.

BTW, is it possible to wrote the media-codes from the discs in the writing-quality-pages, because brands like Datawrite and Bulkpaq have many different media in each sections?

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Now I can see it (using Firefox 1.5)

ok :)

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Do u have a LG H10N or 10L for review?

I saw some scans and I don´t know what to believe. Benq-drives show awful quality, Liteon shows mostly great quality. So I wait for a review from you, scans with Plextor-drives [:)]

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