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Matthew -> RE: AMD 3000+ vs Intel 530 (8/12/2005 6:05:15 PM)

Supreme gaming scores for the AMD, but trounced by the Intel on most other benchmarks - unless it is a hyperthreading issue, and where the Intel wins, it's down to making good use of HT, then it seems AMD should reconsider the "+ rating" that they assign - even so, it seems hard to justify the "3000+" rating against the 3GHz Intel.

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Matthew -> RE: AMD 3000+ vs Intel 530 (8/14/2005 5:14:33 PM)

One issue may be that in recent CPU models, Intel were rather slack on some of the more basic elements, delegating some complex Integer operations to the slower floating point ALU. One version apparently lacked integer multiply hardware, but could stream adds very quickly, laeading to a code-hack that used multiple adds up to a certain level of multiply.

Presumably, the games tend to use simpler operations that Intel forgot about (eg. they'd recommend using SSE/2/3, or splitting it up for hyperthreading), while it's well known that AMD's implementation of SSE is not up to the standard of Intel's - for AMD optimization, 3DNow should be used even on the ones with more support for SSE.

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SiliconFreak -> RE: AMD 3000+ vs Intel 530 (8/17/2005 6:46:22 PM)

Damn...you forgot to install CPU cooler again, minos....dont let that happen again!....[8D][:D]

But on the other side...ONLY 71 degrees Celsius ? Not even enough to fry an egg on it....shame shame....[:D][;)]

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