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nicw -> V4.27 out at long last (8/4/2005 2:21:18 AM)

Well folks,

V4.25 is finally up there. Apologies for the delay in getting this months version out. We had some technical problems with a certain firewire chipset that took time to over come (thanks KenW), and the launch of the new "DVDInfoPro Search Toolbar" was delayed a few days, and we were already committed to using it. We did not however get the time to put it in the full version, or 64bit version, so its advert version only. Hopefully next release it will be across the board. There are ways you can use it though, see below.

This month I took a stand against a popular company who wrote my current installer and thier recent change in policy. They now charge for technical support. We had a bug in the installer causing it to totally fail on some systems, which we traced to a bug in the installer. After several emails if we wanted to discuss it we had to pay. We decided to drop this installer and move to the NSIS installer. Only the advert version is complete for this release, other versions will follow as soon as possible. The new optional Search Toolbar install is integrated into the new installer.

If any full version users want to look at the Toolbar. Uninstall your full version, install V4.25 advert version one, once done, uninstall and choose to leave the toolbar behind, then re-install the full version. It can be removed separately via add remove programs at any time you wish.

There has been many changes this version, so we consider this version a BETA and has been given an odd version number. Send feedback to Zebra or Myself.


zebra -> RE: V4.25 out at long last (8/4/2005 7:21:22 AM)

....had to take 4.25 down for retooling! It will be back up soon guys! Hang in there! :)

zebra -> RE: V4.25 out at long last (8/4/2005 6:07:02 PM)

Ok. After MUCH hard work on the retooling last night, we have now uploaded 4.27.

Many bugs were found in a short amount of time. Thankyou to our beta-people and quality control processors for their hard work and assistance into the wee hours of the morning!

Feedback/bugreports/problems...please send them this way. :)

Dethroner -> RE: V4.27 out at long last (8/26/2005 5:24:34 AM)

I have noticed some strange results related to booktype changing with different software.

When selecting DVD-R or DVD-RW booktypes with NecWinFlash and then viewing the settings with DVDInfo 4.27 that supports DVD-R(W) setting, it displays empty values in front of DVD+R and DVD+RW media. After setting the same booktypes with DVDInfo correct values appear in corresponding fields.

I have reset booktypes with NecWinFlash and tried again, with the same result: DVDInfo does not recognize -R(W) booktype set with NecWinFlash.

Of course, this could be a problem of NecWinFlash improperly setting the booktype, but this could also be a problem of booktype recognition in DVDInfo.

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