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ak12 -> Ram (7/29/2005 7:42:09 AM)

I would like to know if there's a difference in peformance between the following:
-Placing two 256 MB RAM in 2 slots
-Placing one 512 MB RAM in one slot and leaving the other empty.

Iggy -> RE: Ram (7/29/2005 5:00:34 PM)

If your motherboard supports dual mode, then 2X256MB will be faster twice than a single 512MB.

1988Camaro -> RE: Ram (8/2/2005 8:25:55 PM)


then 2X256MB will be faster twice than a single 512MB

i was under the impression that fewer memory sticks usually provided the opitmal performance, assuming that the amount of RAM is the same...most tech articles that I've read have tended to suggest that as well

MP3Mogul -> RE: Ram (8/2/2005 9:28:31 PM)

Might want to go back and "reread" the articles, because Iggy is 100% Correct!

Iggy -> RE: Ram (8/3/2005 1:32:29 AM)

"Dual Channel" makes the difference, as soon as your board support this feature.[:)]

Matthew -> RE: Ram (8/7/2005 4:54:06 PM)

Both statements are true....

For Dual channel, ONE PAIR is usually the optimum - if the memory is "double sided", presenting as two banks, then using TWO PAIRS may result in lower speed or poorer cycle timings.

Most single channel platforms seem to be unaffected.

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